Fat Cookie is hosting a pop-up stall for one day only featuring delicious giant loaded cookies

Fat Cookie is hosting a pop-up stall for one day only featuring delicious giant loaded cookies

Prepare to indulge in the most chewy, chunky, and deliciously thick cookies in the region.

It was around this time last year that we were introduced to the epic creation of Fat Cookie, the local business taking on the mouth-watering cookie-delivery market with its thick, New York-style cookies.

Spawned by Geelong couple Jasmine and Jase Vernon (Geelong’s new unofficial cookie King and Queen) after a trip to Melbourne, these loaded cookies are big, thick and moist, packed with a bucketload of toppings and extra bits and bobs for a real chunky good time.

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Delivering these thick, melt-in-your-mouth, perfectly chewy dough creations around the region, direct to customers doors, for just over a year now, and recently entering the cafe market providing regular ‘Lil’ Fats’ (smaller Fat Cookies) to cafes like Fleur Wolves in Geelong, Kuyu Torquay, Cafe El Nido, now the beloved business is hosting their very first pop-up stall.

For one day only, Fat Cookie will be running a market stall at Happy Hippo Childcare Open Day in Lovely Banks this Saturday, July 30.

While it’s a great excuse to check out the local childcare centre, it’s an even better reason to stock up on the goods.

The stall will be open from 10am to 12pm so it’s a tight squeeze, but you can also DM the business on Instagram if you want to place a pre-purchase order to pick up on the day. If you can’t make it, no stress, you can still get these indulgent cookies delivered to your door from Wednesday to Saturday, or find them at the aforementioned cafes.


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So now that all the specifics are out of the way, let’s take a look at the drool-worthy flavours they have.

Original flavours span the likes of ‘Deez Nuts’ loaded with all things goey, crunchy peanut, topped with Reeces Cups and peanut butter filled pretzels; the ‘cookie monster’ packed with oreo cookies, cookies and cream chocolate and topped with Oreo crumble; the ‘Golden Child’ that’s loaded with salty pretzel and legendary biscoff spread, topped with Lotus biscoff crumble; the ‘Cherrish Me’ loaded with dark Cherry Ripe chocolate topped with bits of Cherry Ripe; and ‘The Real Slim Shady’, loaded with Nutella and M&Ms and topped with mini M&Ms.

There’s also the ‘Kinda’ My Thing’ made up of salty pretzels, Nutella, kinder chocolate, and mini marshmallows; the ‘Bueno ’s Dias’ loaded with Biscoff spread, Nutella and pretzels, topped with Bueno chocolate and Biscoff crumble; and lastly, ‘The Full Minty’, loaded with classic mint patty, peppermint chocolate, topped with bubble Aero and dusted with peppermint crisp.

Newer additions include the ‘John Lemon’, loaded with shortbread biscuit chunks and zesty lemon curd; ‘pineapple clinkspress’ with clinkers and pineapple lumps;


To top it all off, they’ve even got a dedicated vegan menu boasting the same chewy insides and crunchy exterior you’d expect of a cookie, without compromising on the loadings and toppings. Here you’ll find the ‘Smarty Pants’ loaded with vegan hazelnut spread and topped with vegan smarties; the ‘Gold Member’ loaded with pretzel and biscoff spread topped with biscoff biscuits; and the ‘vegan monster’ loaded with vegan white chocolate and oreos.


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Cookies are made to order (so you know they’re fresh!), and come in either a four-pack or a six-pack. Find out more via the website here