Fast Five: Xavier Rudd

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Fast Five: Xavier Rudd

What’s your favourite thing about being exposed to a new culture? Knowledge.
What do you love most about Byron bay? The birds here.
Who’s someone in your life who really understands you and just gets you? My fiancé.
What’s something that being a musician has taught you about yourself? Ego. Ego often gets misconstrued as self-inflation, but our ego is to do with our emotions to our body; it can be anything. It doesn’t necessarily mean self-inflation – it can be insecurities, guilt, sorrow, shame and happiness. All those things can go under the hat of ego, so you learn so much about your emotional body as a musician because it’s what carrying spirit through.
When you’re at a gig/festival where do you like to be positioned in the crowd? I don’t like to be stuck in the crowd as I’m a little claustrophobic. So I usually hang further back where I can have some space.