Fast Five with: Veronica & Lewis, triple j Drive presenters

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Fast Five with: Veronica & Lewis, triple j Drive presenters

They may be the kooky hosts keeping you company on your drive home, but their bond with Geelong is much more than just as voices through your car speaker. We took five with the past Geelong locals on their thoughts of the city, best interview ever and more.
First thing you do when you get back to Geelong?
Check for new bollards on the waterfront, then see which ex-blue light disco venues have been turned into apartments so we can look at them and know that people got handjobs in what is now someone’s tastefully renovated kitchen.
If you were forced to do one thing for the rest of your life what would you pick?
Wink. But only if you could alternate between eyes.
Describe Geelong in three words?
Seriously? Darryn Lyons?!
Best person you’ve ever interviewed?
L: RZA from the Wu Tang Clan. Rappers cancel interviews occasionally so we weren’t sure if this would happen. When it did I barely kept it together but he was so charmingly enthusiastic that we had a ball and now I love him even more.
V: Kings of Leon. They had a touring hairdresser with them in the studio and they let us smell their hair up close. It’s aroma was a floral explosion.
What are each others’ worst habits?
L: [Veronica] accidentally dressing like me most days. It makes her feel like a scrawny teenage boy and me feel like a confused older woman.
V: [Lewis] using a lettuce keeper as his preferred container to store lunch meals. He has no respect for the well established rules surrounding appropriateness of Tupperware.
You can catch Veronica and Lewis on triple j (107.5) from 3-5.30pm.