Fast Five with: Residual

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Fast Five with: Residual

Just a few weeks ago local lads Residual were shaking it off to Taylor Swift, this week they’re answering the big Q’s in our Fast Five.
What’s the bands favourite place to have a drink or a night out in Geelong?
We’re more for the relaxed kind of vibe and such, so places like Beav’s Bar, The Workers Club, Little Creatures and The Sporting Globe are our go-tos usually. But in saying that, don’t rule us out of a Lamby’s appearance!
Darryn Lyons: good for Geelong or bad for Geelong?
I think he’s definitely appealing for the younger demographic, who are soaking it up and loving things that he’s doing. There’s never going to be any politician, local or federal, that’s going to please everyone but things like tourism, getting youth involved and trying to turn around the community itself in a positive way are things that are big yes for me. I’m sure there’s things behind closed doors that people would shake their heads at, but that’s just how it is.
What should we do about all the empty shops around town?
You know what, I really don’t know… I think something that should be supported more is independent business around Geelong. We’re full of life around our community and some things are lost due to big businesses moving in.
If Residual are going out to eat in Geelong, where are they going?
Three places we will never turn down: Oriental Source on Yarra St, 63 Degrees on Pako and The Sporting Globe.
Gay Marriage: yay or nay and why?
Gay people are just that, people. They should have the same rights as every other Australian and I think it’s disgusting that something like this is even an issue. Everyone should live their lives exactly how they want to live them and marry who they love and want to marry without question or the turn of a head. End of story.

‘Residual – Talk Is Cheap/Shake It Off Cover’