Fast Five with: Marina Prior

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Fast Five with: Marina Prior

Besides your own, whose musical career do you admire most?
Nancy Hayes – she’s been a musical theatre legend since the 1950s. She was a great mentor to me – she played my mother in the musical Showboat. The Hayes Theatre in Potts Point, which is a small, intimate venue, is named after her. She’s been working for nearly 50 years – she’ll go from plays, to directing, to doing a musical, to doing television. I admire the longevity and diversity of her career. I know her and I love her.
Favourite holiday destination?
Fiji – I got married in Fiji only a few years ago so I’ve got great memories. It’s the most beautiful part of the world I’ve ever seen.
Favourite snack when working?
Sushi, because it’s light and it’s good for you – I can never eat too much before a performance.
Have you ever broken a bone?
Never, and I’m proud of that!
The last thing you read that inspired you?
A fantastic book called Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel. It’s a New York Times Best-Seller – I highly recommend it. It’s a historically based story about the court of Henry VIII and it’s just been made into a BBC series. It’s absolutely brilliant!
Read our full interview with Marina Prior here, and make sure to check her out at Her Majesty’s Theatre, Ballarat on July 25 (2pm & 8pm).