Fast Five with Magic Bones

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Fast Five with Magic Bones

They’ll soon be touring Australia with Stonefield, but before they load up any vans, we took five with band member Kiri O’Connor on annoying tour habits and more.
In light of your new track ‘Anywhere, Anytime’, if you could drop everything and take a trip somewhere, where would it be?
Anywhere warm with waves. Let’s say Barbados.
What’s the ideal year (or decade) of music to be living in and why?
The ’70s.. the New York rock scene, everyone in the band would be happy there.
Do you have an annoying on tour habit and what is it?
Yes, waking up super early in the morning after a show to go for a walk or swim. I try to be really quiet, but apparently I always wake everyone up.
Where’s your “special place” in Melbourne?
Edinburgh Gardens.
Should bands wear their own merchandise? 
Only in emergencies.
When & Where: Shadow Electric Bandroom, Melbourne – June 26