Fast Five with: Lepers & Crooks

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Fast Five with: Lepers & Crooks

The Lepers & Crooks lads are doing a few shows in and around Geelong, so we thought what better chance to see what they like about the place, that and guilty pleasures…
What’s your favourite thing about Geelong?
Probably the people we’ve met. Last time we played in Geelong a few ladies got their hands on our CD after the show, the cab driver obligingly cranked it on their way to the strip club which we thought was pretty sweet.
Pizza or hamburger? 
Hamburger fo sho! Not saying we don’t love a good pizza but burgers for the win if we had to pick.
Guilty pleasure on tour?
We enjoy the touring lifestyle and work hard at it so we tend not to carry any guilt when it comes time to indulge. Do love a good cocktail and cooked dinner when it’s available though.
Someone says after party after the show? 
We say hell yeah about a thousand times more than hell no … but there was one time when half of us were really sick and had to bail on the after party to book a hotel last minute so we could run back and forth to the bathroom.  We were lucky to make it through the set.
Social media refresh/checks per day?
If we’re out having a good time then we’ve probably lost our phones but the long drives leave plenty of hours for catching up.
When & Where: Workers Club, Geelong – July 24 & Torquay Hotel, Torquay – July 25