Fall and Resist

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Fall and Resist

Hey guys, thanks for chatting with me today! Can you let our readers know a little bit about you?
Well, we are a metal band from Ballarat (except for Benito, he’s from Geelong) which only started this year when Frosty sent some tabs and shotty recordings to Brendon for him to have a squiz at. We all really like heavy music and just wanted to create something that was epic. Over the past year, things have moved really quickly. We’ve booked our 10th gig and finished recording our first EP (the launch will be at Karova Lounge on November 4th). We really enjoy playing together and sharing what is becoming a bit of a rollercoaster ride. We set out to make emotional music that ‘makes sense’ to us, which keeps us feeling creative. We’re all very ready to make our mark on the scene, even if we don’t know what that mark will look like yet.

This is your first EP – how was the recording process? Do you feel like there are things you’ll do differently or the same next time round?
We had a blast recording this. We captured the guitars, bass and vocals at a friend’s house with Toby Stewart-Peterson, and recorded the drums at Don’t Poke The Bear. Our post production was done at Monolith Studios and the artwork (which is freaking awesome) was done by a friend of Benito’s, Rhodri. It was interesting how we changed some bits and pieces as we recorded – like slight guitar parts and vocal lines. It was like we were re-writing some of the music, and because we all get along so well it was really positive. Largely, our next recording will probably be the same in that we’ll capture the drums in a studio and the guitars, bass and vocals stuffed into a room debating about ‘what’s best for the song’.

Is there a favorite song you guys like to perform?

So hard to answer. I think we all like different songs for different reasons, but we always laugh when Benito at the start of almost every jam says: ‘I’ve been practicing (insert song name here), it’s my new favourite song’.

Do you guys really have a band therapist?
Our therapist has said that we can’t call her a ‘therapist’ anymore. She is a ‘band life-coach’ helping us through our ‘transitional period’ while we deal with our ‘repressed feelings and emotions’.

How is the metal scene in Ballarat, and what do you think you guys are bringing to it?
We like to think that we’re bringing something fresh and somewhat ‘premium’ to the Ballarat scene, especially in our stage presence and quality of music, but it’s probably more like a bunch of old dudes trying to re-live past days of glory (except for Rory, he’s the youngen of the group). But the scene is growing and we’re noticing more people showing up to gigs which is very exciting.

If you overheard two people having a chat in the venue toilets about your set, what do you think they’d be saying?
Probably one of the following: ‘God, did you see that short dude at the front? I thought his head was going to fall off.’
‘He must play to a click track, no one can keep time that well’
‘Do you think this bump is like an infection? Do you wanna take a look?’
‘Man, can you say that on stage?’

Famous last words?
Winston Churchill’s last words were, “I’m bored with it all”. He’s pretty famous.

When and Where: EP Launch @ Karova Lounge, Ballarat – November 4