Eves Karydas is taking her debut album ‘summerskin’ on the road

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Eves Karydas is taking her debut album ‘summerskin’ on the road

Rising Australian pop-sensation, Eves Karydas is taking her debut album ‘summerskin’ around the country this month. With an absolutely stellar year with singles ‘Further Than The Planes Fly’, ‘Couch’ and ‘Damn Loyal’ all receiving worldwide praise, Eves is one of the most-exciting, new pop talents in Australia!

Congrats on the release of your debut album last year. How’s it all been going for you?
Yeah, it’s been amazing. It’s been a really nice steady build for me with how things are going. I was pretty lucky that I got a whole bunch of touring done end of last year with some big artists, it was just really good timing I guess. It’s just nice seeing your audience build, that’s kind of the main thing for me. It’s been a couple of years since I had released music and I wasn’t sure how it would go, but it’s all gone really well.

You said it has been a long time and obviously you’ve had a bit of a change (previously creating music under the name Eves the Behavior), but were you working on the music the whole time between?
Yeah, I was. It wasn’t like every single day that’s what I was doing, but it was very much my life. In London, I was writing a record and I just let myself have the time in needed to do that. It’s something I’ll never be able to do again so I’m trying to cherish it as much as possible, the experience I had making this album, and it’s been nice sharing that story with audiences and seeing them respond to it.

Did being in London influence your music in any unexpected ways?
It definitely made me figure what it was that I like on my own because it’s so easy when you’re surrounded by your friends to be influenced by what their listening to and what they think is cool. I was by myself for a lot of the time and had to figure out “what do I want?”.

And is this essentially what your album is based on?
For me I moved to London not really knowing how long I’d be there. I didn’t know and was like “lets just see what happens.” I had a visa so it was like I’m definitely going to be here for a little while but I didn’t know how it would pan out or whether it would be something I consider as a successful life decision but, it just sort of happened in this way. I spent three years there and it was just the most amazing time of my life and I just grew so much and I found love for the first time, all this stuff just happened to me when I was there and that’s what the album is about for me. It’s just a pretty deep dive into what its like to be young and go exploring I guess.

Is that why you changed your name musically?
Yeah I’m pretty sure. It’s just a coming of age thing where I don’t want to have to put up any fronts any more. It’s just about me being honest, real, and I might as well use my name.

You’ve got a tour coming up which is awesome. Anywhere you’re particularly looking forward to going or?
I’m really looking forward to Adelaide, just because that was the show that we upgraded the venue for more than twice the capacity and then it sold out. I was just like ‘wow, Adelaide you rock’. I’ve been to Adelaide quite a bit in the last six months, just because I’ve been touring so much with other artists. Same with Perth. I’ve never actually played a headline show in Adelaide or Perth but in the past two months I’ve been to Perth four times and I’m going there again next week for live shows, so in two months I will have been five times to Perth.

That’s awesome, Perth’s loving you. So you just mentioned you have been doing lots of touring with George Ezra, Cup Sport and Dua Lipa. How was all that? Do these tours help with your own tours?
Yeah, I did The Wombats as well. It just helps me cut out my repertoire and just develop my skills as a performer, which even in six months I’ve seen just how vastly I’ve changed and grown in area. I’m way more confident and I’ve started seeing a potential in my live show in the way that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t have all that experience. When you’re on the road so much, you start to get over things like nerves and you start focusing on what am I actually projecting up here, what is it that I’m putting forward as my message, my mood and what is everyone going to take away from this. All these sorts of things you start to link about and see once you’ve gotten over the like “fuck! I’m like on stage, I need to preform and I’m nervous.”

When & Where: Corner Hotel, Melbourne – Feb 16 & 17.