Eskimo Joe frontman Kav Temperley announces new single and solo regional tour dates

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Eskimo Joe frontman Kav Temperley announces new single and solo regional tour dates

Photo credit: Jarrad Levy

Eskimo Joe frontman Kav Temperley has delivered another slice of sublime solo material, this time teaming up with Little Birdy’s very own Katy Steele for the charming new single Graduation Day.

Released alongside an equally blissful accompanying music video, Graduation Day is a sparkling addition to Kav’s impending new solo album Machines of Love & Grace which is set for release in September.

New music wasn’t the only surprise for fans this week however, with Temperley also revealing part one of a huge regional Australian tour kicking off in Exmouth, before hitting Bendigo, Tallarook, Warrnambool, Newcastle, Gosford, Illawarra and Canberra.

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‘Graduation Day’ kicks off with humid percussion and glistening melodics before dovetailing into a calm and creamy ode to small town love and Temperley’s very own real-life graduation day traditions growing up in Fremantle, Perth.

Co-written by long-time friends Temperley and Steele and recorded at Temperley’s studio in Fremantle and at Sundown Studios, ‘Graduation Day’ also boasts Lee Jones and Sacha Seaboune on guitar and Elliot Smith on drums, culminating in a fresh and endearingly intimate ode to rites of passage and connectivity.

“Growing up in Fremantle, it used to be a right of passage to jump off the old traffic bridge into the river on graduation day,” Temperley says. “People would pull over their cars and yell at you for being reckless and dangerous. The song Graduation Day is the story about someone who stayed behind and somebody who chose to leave, and about how no matter how far you go – there is always this tether pulling you back.”

Fittingly complementing the real-world connection to Temperley’s own graduation day memories, the music video for Graduation Day features Temperley’s hometown in Fremantle. Drumming up the small town vibes with genuine hits of nostalgia, the music video is as much a love letter to Temperley’s youth as it is a vivid gateway to tangible and universal reminiscence and small town life.

Founding the ARIA award-winning, four-times platinum band Eskimo Joe at the tender age of 19, Temperley evolved from winning a band competition into a legacy-shaping musical powerhouse as the frontman, bass player and songwriter for the beloved Aussie group.

As a solo artist, Temperley is now poised to release a brand new album this September, Machines of Love & Grace, which shares its name not only with Temperley’s most recent single prior to Graduation Day, but also with the theory that humans are outliers on the planet – a virus upon it, putting hefty emphasis on love and empathy; ideals which don’t really exist in the animal kingdom. We are, in effect, machines of love and grace.

Fans will also be able to catch Temperley live in action later this year on his freshly-announced multi-stop regional Australian tour.

Armed with brand new material as well as a look into some favourite songs before they were famous, these regional shows will be a beautiful celebration of Temperley’s personal and professional experiences over the past few years and beyond.

“I’m looking forward to going everywhere as it’s been a good 3 years since we’ve been able to tour the country. The shows will feature songs from my last two solo albums as well as a look at how some of the biggest Eskimo Joe songs sounded when I wrote them before they became the familiar radio hits everyone has come to know”.

For Victorians, you can see Kav Temperley at Golden Vine in Bendigo on Thursday, August 4; Our Friends Farm in Tallarook on Friday, August 5; and Lighthouse Theatre in Warrnambool on Saturday, August 6.

Machines Of Love And Grace is set for release in September 2022. Tickets for the solo regional tour are on sale now via the website.