Enjoy this stunning new release from The Teskey Brothers

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Enjoy this stunning new release from The Teskey Brothers

New single ‘So Caught Up’ is the centrepiece of The Teskey Brothers’ forthcoming album Run Home Slow, and perhaps the most prominent departure from the band’s sound to date!

Premiered by Zane Lowe on Beats 1 overnight, ‘So Caught Up’ follows on from recent singles ‘Hold Me’ and ‘Man Of The Universe’ and is the third and final taste of the album ahead of its full release on Friday 2 August.

The new release comes off the back of a hugely successful 22-date May-June Nth American tour – including sold out shows in New York, San Francisco, Denver & Toronto, and festival appearances at Bonnaroo, Bottlerock and the Aussie BBQ’s NYC Central Park Summerstage. The trip also led to the band’s debut TV appearance on CBS Saturday, which airs this weekend.

When the four-piece first started jamming on ‘So Caught Up’ they were a bit disarmed by the poppy new territory they found themselves in. “I guess we were a bit worried about it being too much of a pop song and wanted to make sure that it didn’t sound like a huge departure from our previous stuff,” Liam says. “It was a bit different to what we’d normally play,” Brendon says. “But we were also quite excited about that.”

Not sure where this more modern soul sounding tune fit, they “tried lots of different things with this track to see where it fits with The Teskey Brothers,” Sam says. “But no matter how hard we tried to steer it away from being a pop banger, it just came out in the song,” laughs Josh. Sam continues, “Everyone we’ve shown that track to says, ‘That’s a banger, that’s a cool tune.’ We’ve learnt to embrace what the song is. We don’t want to stifle or get in the way of that.”

Over the 11 wide-ranging tracks on Run Home Slow, The Teskey Brothers (singer Josh Teskey, guitarist Sam Teskey, bassist Brendan Love and drummer Liam Gough) more than deliver on the promise of their first record, Half Mile Harvest (2017), and manage to pull off a feat that has eluded many other bands. They have followed up a breakthrough debut with an album that not only pushes their music in new directions, and in the process solidifies their sound into something truly their own, but they’ve done it without sacrificing any of the charm and authenticity that endeared them to their ever-growing audience in the first place.

Avoiding genre labels is something that the band have strived for musically on Run Home Slow, incorporating elements of southern rock, Americana, psychedelia, Dixieland jazz, gospel and the surprise ‘So Caught Up’ centrepiece.