Endless Heights: Vicious Pleasure

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Endless Heights: Vicious Pleasure

‘Vicious Pleasure’ is Endless Heights’ second full-length album recorded at Jungle Studios in Sydney over an impressive 12 days. Previous efforts ‘New Bloom’ and ‘Teach You How To Leave’ are a far cry from this more grounded and personal work.
Singles like ‘You Coward’ and ‘Pray I Fade’ pose a heavier exertion and the production levels throughout the entire album are noticeably tighter. Though ‘Vicious Pleasure’ harkens back to yesteryear in sound, the clean vocals and heavy riffs are a breath of fresh air for the genre.
This album signals an evolution for Endless Heights, with the newly released single ‘Come A Little Closer’ being accompanied by a gorgeous video that only highlights the continuing improvement of this band. Another aspect of ‘Vicious Pleasure’ that cuts deep are the resounding heart-felt lyrics that are the very definition of emotional expression.
Being renowned for their live performances, the grit and energy that is so closely associated with Endless Heights pours through this album like a tidal wave. You would be hard-pressed to find a rock album that tugs your memory-strings as much as this grandiose effort.
4 Stars
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Reviewed by Daniel Jubb