Emma Memma is bringing her Spring Twirly Tour to regional Victoria

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Emma Memma is bringing her Spring Twirly Tour to regional Victoria

Photo Credit: Jared Lyons

Beloved children's entertainer, Emma Memma is expanding her Emma Memma's Twirly Tour.

Following the phenomenal success of her captivating ‘Twirly Tour’ across Australia, the ever-charming Emma Memma will be travelling through New South Wales and Victoria this September.

The beloved entertainer, accompanied by her delightful crew – Elvin Melvin, BB Butterfly, and the endearing Waffles The Wombat – is all set to embark on a whirlwind adventure aboard her whimsical Butterfly Bus.

Emma Memma’s Spring Twirly Tour

C.ex Coffs, Coffs Harbour
Monday, September 11

Glasshouse, Port Macquarie
Tuesday, September 12

Lighthouse Theatre, Warrnambool
Saturday, September 16

Palais Geelong
Sunday, September 17

Hall, Ballarat
Tuesday, September 19

Connect + Co, Bendigo
Friday, September 22

Clocktower Centre, Moonee Ponds
Saturday, September 23

Drum Theatre, Dandenong
Sunday, September 24

Frankston Arts Centre
Monday, September 25

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Families across the regions can anticipate a delightful feast of Emma Memma’s signature tunes, such as ‘Twirly Tuesday,’ ‘Wombat Wednesday,’ and the timeless ‘I Love You.’ Classics like ‘Wheels On The Bus,’ ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,’ and the alphabet song ‘ABC’ will also grace the stage. The excitement doesn’t stop there, as fans can expect a live rendition of Emma Memma’s latest hit, the crowd-pleaser ‘BB Butterfly.’ All these musical treasures can be found on Emma Memma’s vibrant YouTube Channel.

“To celebrate the start of Spring, we wanted to bring our Twirly Tour to some of our favourite towns in NSW and Victoria to sing, dance and learn sign language with us in September. This is the first time we are taking our live show to these beautiful towns and we are so looking forward to seeing families dressing up in their favourite orange, pink and green outfits!”


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Emma Memma’s mission revolves around empowering the next generation through movement, creativity, inclusivity, and camaraderie. Fueled by her passion for dance, sign language, and music, she has catapulted visual communication to the forefront of children’s media. Fans are in for a sparkling, immersive experience during Emma Memma’s Twirly Tour.

To truly be in the Twirly spirit, families are encouraged to deck themselves out in Emma Memma and Elvin Melvin’s preferred colours: the vibrant triumvirate of orange, pink, and green.

The journey of dancer and filmmaker Emma Watkins commenced at a tender age of three, when she wholeheartedly embraced the world of dance and movement. From ballet and Irish dance to hip-hop, tap, and contemporary dance, Emma’s journey was characterised by a deep-seated love for expression through motion. Her educational path led her to The McDonald College for the Performing Arts, Sydney Film School, ED5 International, and finally, the University of Technology Sydney, where she earned her Master’s in Media Arts and Communication.

Emma’s advocacy for sign language and her unwavering support for Australia’s Deaf community have been constants in her life. Pursuing this commitment, she achieved her Diploma of Auslan (Australian Sign Language) and her Diploma in Interpreting (Auslan) at Deaf Connect. Her scholarly pursuits culminated in a PhD at Macquarie University, Sydney, delving into the artful amalgamation of sign language, dance, and film editing.

Across the span of two decades, Emma has honed her expressive prowess in movement, striving to enhance accessibility for the Deaf community and sign language users through her personal research initiatives.

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