Elliphant: Look Like You Love It

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Elliphant: Look Like You Love It

The debut EP release by Elliphant, aka Ellinor Olovsdotter, is without doubt the coolest sound coming out of Sweden right now. Working with Skrillex, Diplo, Dave Sitek and Dr. Luke, this EP is chock-full of unique dance pop tunes like never before. Unapologetic and full of sass, Ellinor delivers a vocal assault unlike any before. ‘Look Like You Love It’ is the perfect example of this and starts the EP off with a bang.
Squeezing every possible genre into her EP, Look Like You Love It touches on reggae, alternative hip hop, dance and new rave. Some have described her sound as a cross between M.I.A. and Diplo, but there’s a uniqueness about it that shouldn’t be explained.
Though you may not know Elliphant by name, chances are you’ve danced along to her killer track ‘Revolusion’. This track showcases Elliphant’s undeniable edge and adds a new sound to the music industry of today. Highlights on the EP seem to be the reggae-influenced tunes ‘All or Nothing’ and ‘Only Getting Younger’. These tracks are easily played on repeat and will hopefully make club playlists in Geelong and surrounds.
In seven short tracks, Elliphant has managed to add something completely unique to an industry that seems to be churning out so much of the same stuff. It’s her ability to produce something new, paired with her undeniable sass, which makes her one super cool lady worth the listen.
Release: out now through Record Company TEN
Written by Amanda Sherring