Ella Carroll is showcasing her first solo show at Analogue Academy next Saturday

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Ella Carroll is showcasing her first solo show at Analogue Academy next Saturday

Words by Keegan Bennett, Photograph by Jo Ruffin

The Geelong artist's eclectic work will be on display at the quirky photo lab.

Next Saturday the 13th, Analogue Academy is again playing host to an exciting young artist from Geelong. Beany, or Ella Carroll, is hosting her debut solo show at the photo-lab turned exhibition space from 6-9pm.


The key takeaways

  • Ella Carroll is hosting her first solo show
  • 6-9pm on February 13th
  • Hosted at Analogue Academy, 23 Couzens Place, Geelong

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Carroll has been posting her artwork to her Instagram page since 2019 and has experimented with several mediums, including acrylic on canvas, sculpture, and a handful of tattoos as well. The most interesting series of works might be the collection of figurines she created, complete with packaging and names.

Carroll’s artworks typically explore themes of nostalgia, suburban life, and mundanity.

Her artworks feature frequent use of Japanese Katakana, as well as bright pastel colours, and a rabbit-humanoid character, affectionately named Beany.

For the venue, she selected none other than the soon to be legendary Analogue Academy. Photo-lab by day, gallery by night, the space has been hosting local up-and-coming artists for years now. Headed by Joshua Maxwell De Hoog, the space came about from a desire to process film on the cheap, it has grown since 2013 into a lively space for off-kilter art, music, poetry, and everything in between.

With an ethos of ‘keeping Geelong weird’ the Academy prides itself on placing the spotlight on the up-and-comers, having featured artworks from local artists as young as 18.

Carroll’s show is running from 6-9pm, and with the bar at Analogue sure to be open, what better way to start your night than to observe some of the freshest art in the bay.

Check out Carroll’s show on February 13th, at Analogue Academy, 23 Couzens Place. Check out Analogue Academy’s website here.