Electro-pop looping wunderkind Tanya George reveals first taste of her upcoming EP ‘Normality’

Electro-pop looping wunderkind Tanya George reveals first taste of her upcoming EP ‘Normality’

Tanya George; if you don’t know the name, now is the time to start paying attention.

Delivering all the feels, live-looping wunderkind Tanya George has just revealed the introduction to her upcoming EP ‘Normality’.

Renowned for creating vocal compositions that captivate audiences instantly, Tanya has once again showcased the beauty of building a wall of song through the use of looping and a five-octave range, incorporating elements of soul, indie and pop in her monumentally unique way.

Championed by penetrating, soulful vocal tones that are nothing short of exceptional and her unique vocal looping techniques, this searing, 50 second vocal introduction is a true testament to Tanya’s experimental growth over the past few years – and a bright and stunning glimpse of what’s yet to come from Tanya’s highly anticipated second release, due for release on September 15.

Releasing the EP in five parts, the six tracks that make up ‘Normality’ divulge a new sound that the talented musician found busking on the streets of Melbourne.

“By producing an EP made of songs created only by vocals, I’m already challenging the pre-conceived notion of what makes ‘normal’ music,” she explains.

“I wanted to share the message that voices are powerful when they come together. And in these difficult times, I feel that our collective voices will be what sees us through.

“I named the EP Normality because it’s everything opposite to normal and I was also questioning my life a lot at the time such as: what is a normal? What is a normal way of living? What is normal music? It is unique, thought- provoking and gives diversity when it is needed.”

In terms of sound, Tanya describes ‘Normality’ as soul-pop and more complex technically from previous releases.

“It’s like nothing I have heard before, it’s a new genre! Pop Acapella experimental perhaps? I have no idea what you’d call it but I’m cool with that. It shows what I know from vocal techniques, my jazz harmony and highlights the strongest instrument I play; my voice!”

Discovering the world of music at a young age (and pleading with her mother early on to get her private singing lessons), the resolute artist quickly developed a stage presence that will surely have you captivated, gigging at open mic’s, busking, competitions and bars – all before the age of 18. A songwriter at her core, it was lack of funds that led to the sparked the beginning of Tanya’s solo multi-instrumentalist’s journey and paved the way for this upcoming release.

“I couldn’t afford to record my full band – it’s so expensive. Plus, I couldn’t afford to buy new instruments so I decided to use my voice instead to create exactly what I needed from guitar, piano and drums and what I wanted to express from my heart,” she reveals.

“That’s how this solo project started in 2017; going into 2018 I had already written the EP [Normality]. I didn’t even practice. I just did! I had nothing to lose as I was verging homelessness so I dragged all my equipment out onto Bourke Street and started busking solo.

“From nothing I created something, and now I’m rich in love, music, friends and creativity… plus I finally found the path to create the full band album.”

Following a steady string of releases from the experimental boundary pusher, including ‘Writing Machine’ (lifted from the upcoming release) and her debut EP Sonder (2017), Tanya’s EP Normality is destined to be a parade of dense and beautiful vocal compositions, expertly engineered by Jimmy Alexander from Awaken I Am.

“I’ve never felt so happy and comfortable with someone in the studio. He is so young, talented and kind yet one of the most professional people I have ever worked with. I can’t thank him enough for everything he did for me and for genuinely understanding me,” Tanya says.

“I have a lot going on musically and personally but he is just so amazing at accepting and listening then knowing what to do with you! He took every one of my original ideas, kept them organic but decided his rule for the vocal EP was that he wanted to make the vocal loops tight, fierce and solid because we are both musically really on; as musicians and we have good ear’s!”

To support the release of her upcoming EP, Tanya will be releasing a collection of film clips, drip feeding her EP in four parts until August, backed by The City of Melbourne through their Covid-19 Arts Grant initiative. Following Part 1 released on Monday June 29, Tanya is set to release clips ‘My Hymn’ on Tuesday July 14; ‘Interlude’ on Tuesday July 28; and ‘Normality’ on Wednesday August 5 (which actually featured fans from Instagram), all before the EP officially drops in September.

With her unique, homegrown style, creating a high-energy atmosphere through the use of intricate looping, Tanya is well on the way to achieving imminent success as a one-person powerhouse.

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