Eight true crime documentaries that will send chills down your spine

Eight true crime documentaries that will send chills down your spine

Words by Jessica Magtalas

All the documentaries and docuseries you can binge-watch all through lockdown.

There is no doubt that true-crime stories have gained massive popularity in 2020, especially on Netflix. With more and more shows releasing, Netflix is digging deeper into chilling unsolved mysteries and creepy criminals.

Easy to stream online, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of putting on your own Sherlock Holmes hat and cracking the code to an unsolved crime. While some may love the drama of fictional crime series, these true crime documentaries will get you hooked in a heartbeat.

Oh, you might not want to watch some of these alone.

Abducted in Plain Sight
Every parent’s worst nightmare. Directed by Skye Borgman, the story has sparked outrage from viewers who can’t seem to believe that something so horrible could happen in plain sight.

The story follows the Broberg family, who’s close and most-trusted friend Robert Berchtold or “B” kidnapped and brainwashed their twelve-year old daughter Jan. Obsessed with the young girl, the docuseries outlines dishonesty, infidelity, justice and all things wicked. Leaving us with the question, who can you really trust?

The Confession Killer
Released in 2019, Henry Lee Lucas was sentences to life in prison after being convicted of eleven homicides. The unusual part? He had also confessed to killing hundreds of victims, who he didn’t actually commit – you might be thinking, but why? You’ll have to watch to find out.

This five-part series showcases how Texas law enforcement was simply manipulated into Lucas’ trap, yet another tale highlighting the holes in the criminal justice system.

Amanda Knox
After being convicted and acquitted of murder twice as the primary suspect in the murder of her roommate in Italy, Amanda Knox sits down to tell her story. What seemed like a casual study-abroad trip took a complete turn, with Knox spending four years in prison despite her pleads of innocence.

While you may be familiar to the case, the Netflix original shines some light on Knox’s side of the tragic story, ridden with exclusive interviews and footage from the day of the murder.

The film simply puts the viewers to into her shoes and asks if she is innocent or guilty?

Don’t F**K with Cats: Hunting and Internet Killer
One of the most raved docuseries of 2019, Don’t F**k with Cats takes viewers into the twisted mind of a narcissistic killer. A disturbing, yet intriguing series, each episode will leave you feeling uneasy.

After a twisted gruesome video uploaded to YouTube gains mass attention, a group of online warriors are driven on a manhunt to identify the man – Luka Magnotta.

One of Canada’s most infamous acts, the murder of Lin Jun is the shocking, unsettling twist and revelation to the show.

Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes
Another masterpiece, for all the wrong reasons, this four-part series features never-before-seen footage and testimonies by women who thankfully escaped the hands of Ted Bundy.

Bundy is a name everyone knows. Known for his charismatic presence and eloquent speech, he was a real lady’s man and a smooth talker. Though, nothing is always as it seems. A killer in disguise, after years of pleading himself innocent, the series follows his time on death row and a timeline of crimes that he committed until his notorious confession.

Long Shot
Innocent until proven guilty. What happens when you’re arrested for a crime you did not commit? You find yourself an alibi.

A short documentary about Juan Catalan, who was arrested for a crime that he did not commit. Release in 2017, the forty-minute film details his luck, when TV show, ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ caught raw footage that helped claim his innocence.

A compelling story, and a signal of hope.

The Confession Tapes
A hit at the criminal justice system, this docuseries cracks down on confessions and the problems that go with it.

After hours of gruelling interrogation from police, sparks the question whether it is possible for suspects to confess to a crime they did not commit. Were suspects coerced and pressured into making false confessions or are they truths of a killer?

This series narrows in on the unfortunate corruption in the criminal justice system, sparking outrage from viewers and pleads to reopen cases.

Time: The Kalief Browder Story
Eight hundred days in solitary confinement, Kalief Browder, a black Bronx teen had spent three horrific years in jail, despite not being convicted of a crime. Recounting the unfortunate imprisonment of Browder, follows how he was accused at sixteen of stealing a backpack.

Another aim at the failure of the criminal justice system, the case was never prosecuted and were ultimately dropped, leading to Browder’s tragic death.

Thrilling, compelling and eerie, the epitome of true crime. With stacks upon stacks available to you, you’ll be one more up towards a detective. Whether it be to catch a killer or solve the innocence of a suspect, you’ll be wanting to know more.