Eight socially distanced activities to keep you entertained in the region 

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Eight socially distanced activities to keep you entertained in the region 

Words by Benjamin Lamb

Still hesitant about big crowds? Try these mostly outdoor Covid-safe activities.

Are you one of those people that feel a little bit iffy about heading out? Think things have gotten back to some type of normal too fast? We don’t blame you, with cases still in the thousands, there are many people across the state that are still shut-in and not taking any risks.

So today we’re diving into some of the coolest things to do that aren’t that risky and won’t feel like you’re back in 2020.

Drive-In Cinemas

 With the world of Hollywood coming back with a bang with films like Spiderman No Way Home and No Time to Die, there’s no shortage of films that are worth seeing.

But even though they are for the vaccinated only and masks are still required, some feel like there’s still a degree of risk associated with heading to a normal cinema. But we’re in luck, Victoria’s got some killer drive-in cinemas that feature new releases, but perhaps best of all, you can take in your own food and sit in the comfort of your own car!


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Spend the day at the Beach

With the weather still up in the high 20s and low 30s Victorians are still finding new and interesting ways to cool off.

Australia and Victoria are spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches, we’ve got some of the world’s nicest oceans and spots to cool down in. Beaches are great Covid safe ways to spend some time, you can spread out, be outside, and not come into close contact with anyone. 

Some of the nicest regional beaches include Ninety Mile beach in Gippsland, the Port Phillip Bay, or Geelong’s Eastern beach. 

Fruit Picking

If you’re looking to get out of the house for a few hours with some Covid-safe activities, and maybe see a friend or two, fruit picking is a great choice.

There’s no shortage of spots to pick fruit, one of the most popular being Bacchus Marsh’s Naturipe Fruits, where you can pick anything from Apples to Cherries. Check out some more info on them here.

You usually get to spend a fair few hours alone among their beautiful vines, and at the end of the day, you get to take home some freshly picked fruit for your enjoyment. Check out the closest fruit picking spot to you here.

Enjoy Melbourne’s Outdoor offerings

Melbourne and Victoria alike have some beautiful outdoor areas that make for a great Instagram backdrop or ideal area to throw out a picnic blanket. There’s some beautiful spots near the Arts Centre and NGV, a plethora of outdoor artworks that are from local artists and are fun immersive experiences.

Victoria’s gardens and national parks are also some of the best, no matter where you’re living, there’s almost no question that you’re a quick walk to a local park, perfect for a different kind of lunch break or just to get some fresh air.

Back in Melbourne, head into the city and be exposed to thousands of stunning artworks on our walls and alleyways, once again, great for the ‘gram. 

Write a Letter

In a world of emails and social media, no one puts pen to paper anymore. Sometimes they might deliver things slowly, but with thousands of post boxes still set up across the state, Aus Post are still collecting mail as much as ever.

You can grab some stamps online here, and write a letter to a family member who might live over in unenterable Perth, find a penpal in Australia or abroad, or even better, check out this website and write some fanmail to a celeb, you might get back a signed headshot!


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Start a herb garden

With most big stores still offering a contact-free click and collect or delivery, it’s a great opportunity to get some handiwork done.

From any big hardware shop like Bunnings or Mitre 10, you can grab a DIY at home herb kit to finally start that microherb garden. This kit here gives you everything you’d need, and it’s only $18, which you’ll easily make back with all the money you’ll be saving not needing to buy some surprisingly expensive herbs.

If you love that, expand even further and grab some seeds so you can start crafting a full salad for nothing!

The fun doesn’t stop there, check out the Urbipod below for some high-tech herb growing.


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Head to an outdoor gig

Victoria is one of the best areas for live music, with thousands of theatres and music-friendly parks spread out across the state, there’s always something cool happening.

With the massive Brunswick Music Festival on its way to Melbourne, there’s a bunch of cool outdoor free gigs happening, where you can set up a picnic blanket, stay away from people, and enjoy some killer music.

There’s also a few awesome regional victorian festivals happening, one of the best being Summersalt in Mildura which’ll feature Missy Higgins, John Butler, Birds of Tokyo, and many more.


Go Horse riding

Another fun thing to do outside, and that’ll keep you away from people is Horse Riding. It’s also been reported that Horses cannot transmit Covid to humans, so you know you’ll be super safe undertaking this. Regional Victoria has some really great horse riding locations, one of the most popular being Torquay’s Great Ocean Road horse riding, which is great for riders of all confidence levels, and there’s rides from an hour to a full day. Check out more info on Spring Creek horse rides here. Another one of Victoria’s coolest regional horse riding spots is Dandenong Ranges trail rides,  which also offers a selection of great choices for riders from new to experienced.

Or if you’re down on the Mornington Peninsula, one of out most popular trail riding spots is Gunnamatta trail rides, which involves an unforgettable experience riding a horse across the beach. If you fall in love with your experience, you can also undertake lessons at this spot.