Eight silver linings of the face mask

Eight silver linings of the face mask

Words by Jessica Magtalas

Ah yes, the beloved face mask.

With stage three restrictions put into place for regional Victoria, face masks are now mandatory during lock down 2.0. While the face covering might seem a bit too much for some, giving the benefit of the doubt to the new closet essential is not necessarily a bad thing.

While some Victorians are hating the idea of the new rule, this piece of fabric is not an item to hate. Along with its protective features, face masks are not only preventing exposure from the notorious COVID-19 enemy, but also creating a new trend in fashion – oh and an excuse to avoid social interaction.

Face masks are not all that bad, and here’s why.

Covering half your face means you can save some money on that $50 concealer.
No need for makeup – well makeup on the bottom half of your face. If you’re a frequent buyer of that expensive foundation you claim to be ‘cheap’ to make yourself feel better, then facemasks are perfect for you. Save that cash that you’d spend on your lippy to your bills or even more iso snacks to binge on.

Having a bad day – no worries, you don’t need to fake it.
Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? If you did, well throw on a face mask and call it a day. People won’t notice your grimaces or lack of smile in public and that’s perfectly fine – as long as you keep the bad vibes to yourself, you’ll be all good.

An inbuilt face heater.
Face getting cold during the crisp mornings of regional Victoria or tired of the feeling of a potential runny nose? No problem because the face mask will keep your nose warm and face toasty during the winter season.

Hide the shame of having conversations with yourself.
If you’re an introvert or just like to say your thoughts aloud – no one’s here to judge. You can hide that shameless feeling of having a conversation with yourself, imaginary friend, or your perfect recital of your weekly grocery list when shopping for essential goods.

RBF? Not a problem.
Ahhh RBF. The epitome of ‘not having it’. The abbreviation to the well-known facial problem ‘Resting Bitch Face’. An issue that we just can’t help, but face masks can. Hide that sour expression under a printed smile or a photo of your pet, nobody will know that you suffer from RBF.

No need to smile
You may be the type that isn’t a fan of smiling, and that’s okay because there’s no need. Face masks will cover half your face anyway, but when the time does come to smile at locals just practice the art of an ‘eye smile’.

For those who are allergic to people
From face palm moments to second-hand irritation or embarrassment from those surrounding us, introvert or not, there are times we wish we weren’t human. With the face mask you can silently mouth f*** you to anyone that comes within your 1.5m bubble or hide away from that unwanted smell of cigarette smoke.

A new look.
Get them customised or leave them plain, totally up to you. Flaunt your face mask and show off to your friends. Is there more to say other than – fashuuuuuun?

While we may not know how long we’d have to wear these for. The silver lining of face masks is what makes wearing the piece a little more bearable and appreciated.

Still looking for a face mask? Here’s a list of local makers producing them.