Eight of the most unique, off-grid holidays in regional Victoria

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Eight of the most unique, off-grid holidays in regional Victoria

Words by Talia Rinaldo

Put your feet up and enjoy life in the slow lane.

If you’ve spent the last few years staring at a computer and phone screen while trying to stay connected to the loved ones in your life, you might be ready to indulge in a little digital detox.

Thankfully, regional Victoria has an abundance of locations allowing you to do just that, and escape from the hustles and bustles of life to recharge and get back to the basics… away from the screen. Whether you’re after a trip away with your best mates, a romantic weekend or a solo adventure, there’s plenty of unique experiences to be had, and here are just a handful of our favourites.

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Located in Hepburn Springs, an hour and a half from Geelong, this stunning slow stay is truly amazing… you’ll soon forget just what your iPhone is after spending mere minutes here.

The three lavish, two-bedroom, two-bath retreats have been crowned number one in a range of lists around the world, and is where to go to experience clifftop views, stunning architecture, amazing design, alongside luxurious massage chairs, pinball machines, French wood fireplaces, hand-woven floor rugs from New Zealand, couple’s spas, stone baths, and velvet sofas. There are even recycled hardwood king sized beds, quirky Rone art, indoor and outdoor daybeds, glass floors with a waterfall underneath, and mood lighting that changes the colour of the whole villa, plus countless other breathtaking features.

You will find a playstation in every villa, as well as huge wall mounted TVs, if a digital detox isn’t totally up your plus one’s alley. The best part though has to be the glass cube with glass floor overlooking the valley, with nothing inside but a velvet daybed… oh and the wooden bathtub. Truly luxe.

It’s a stay of luxury, wellbeing, and exclusivity… and from the moment you step into Clifftop at Hepburn, you’re in another world.

You can find out more about it here.


Located in Apollo Bay, almost a two-hour drive from Geelong, this little van is the perfect getaway for those who need to unwind.

Tucked away high up in the hills, this beautifully renovated 1982 Franklin Hunter caravan sits waiting for you with ocean and Otway views. Inside, you’ll find a comfy queen-sized bed, kitchen with mini-fridge, a small gas stove, a desk area to perch with a book, a shower and flushing toilet, and even a mini indoor fireplace and air-conditioner. Outside, you’ll find an outdoor bath, perfect for taking in vistas of rolling green hills with a glass of wine in your hand.

For those who need to stay charged and connected, you will find inbuilt USB ports, a Bluetooth speaker and Telstra reception, but hopefully, you won’t need them.

A 15-minute drive to Apollo Bay and only nine minutes to the beach, this is truly a unique spot to stay when exploring the Great Ocean Road and just getting away from it all.

Check it out here.


Ran by the same crew as the aforementioned Cottage with private Rainforest and Waterfalls in Tanybryn, an hour and a half from Geelong, this adorable little EcoPod is not something you’d see every day.

If you’re not up for camping, but still want the adventure of the great outdoors, the EcoPod at The Source, Owtays is a totally unique experience that brings back the feeling of connection with nature, whilst enjoying the comforts and cosiness of a gorgeous little abode. Smaller than a “tiny house”, this little abode comfortably sleeps two people on a cushy mattress, leaving enough space for your overnight necessities, pillow and sleeping bag.

Honestly, if you’re after solitude or some intimacy with your beloved, this private little nest in the beauty and wonder of spectacular rainforest and waterfalls will kindle ample inspiration, invoke peace, tranquillity and rustic romance. Enjoy the simplicity of a log fire in your own fire pit, the big starry night skies outside, an adventure to the grotto for night time glow worms or simply listening to the song of wind and rain as you gaze out of your EcoPod window.

Unique is definitely an understatement. Check it our further here..


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💭Being alone is not the same as being lonely. 💭 When was the last time you gave yourself some truly alone time… to totally sloooowwww doooowwwn… to think, to feel, to feel all your feelings rather than stuff them into your body because you’re too busy to process them, give them space and acknowledgement … when was the last time you have yourself the gift of pure simplicity, which highlights how little we actually need to feel content and alive…? When was the last time you did all that immersed in pristine nature, bathed in wild and cleansing energy of the elements – sunshine and fire , rain , wind and earth itself …? The gift of being alone in nature to SIMPLY BE with yourself, rather than compulsively and frantically doing something is pure medicine for our minds, bodies, hearts and souls. Unplug. Disconnect. Quieter your mind. Awaken your senses to the richness of nature surrounding you. Fall in love with life again. Reconnect with yourself. Your essence. Your Source. You can find that peaceful solitude and do all that in the little EcoPod at #thesourceotways – hidden away from the world, so you can find yourself again. . Beautiful photo by @alexanderxjohnston . . . . #disconnecttoreconnect #disconnect #unplug #nature #natureconnection #wildernessculture #solitude #meditate #meditation #retreat #alonetime #seeyououtthere #wildadventures #slowdown #glamping #intothewild #simplicity #simplify #simpleliving #minimalism

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If you’re one that likes to hit the great open road and aren’t shy of clocking up a few kilometres, a trip to North-East Victoria could be just the thing for you.

Located in Gapsted, a tiny town in in the Victorian High Country near King Valley and Bright, it’s about a four-hour drive from Geelong, but particularly for the architecture lovers, it will be totally worth it once they lay eyes on the stunning renovated 100-year-old tobacco kiln and adjoining ‘40s shack.

Nestled on a heritage Walnut Farm, this home is designed for couples to decompress and regenerate, courtesy of an interior courtyard with a translucent roof, a grand garden and views of the rolling green hills of Gapsted. Guests are encouraged to explore the 175-acre orchard or even take the bikes for a ride down to the river for a relaxing swim before sitting by the original brick fireplace come nightfall.

Stylish, tranquil and absolutely lush, a slow stay in the Victorian high country has never looked so good.

Suss booking dates here.


Going from a simple, crowd funded tiny house in the Otways, Melbourne company Shacky now offers tiny house getaways in three of Australia’s most scenic, secluded locations, one being the stunning Grampians in regional Victoria.

Designed to be a less connected way to holiday, this stay features a charming two-person tiny house, situated in a secluded location amongst large areas of bush, beautiful rock formations and endless forest paths, and a short trip away from the famous Grampians hikes and trails.

It’s an ideal spot for that romantic getaway you’ve been planning with the solar powered cabin providing just enough mod-cons to keep you comfy, while still embracing that off-grid living you’re looking for — camping lanterns, board games, queen-sized bed, running water, a basic kitchen and an in-built shower stocked with biodegradable products.

A contemporary antidote to the busyness of everyday life, a stay with Shacky has been designed to restore, recharge and revitalise the body and mind, and we guarantee you’ll want to come back time and time again.

You can view Shacky here.


So this one’s not exactly a spot per se. Instead, Twilight Glamping are Great Ocean Road’s premium pop up accommodation service – meaning you choose what type of tent you want, choose the location and they’ll sort the rest. So if you just want to jet away for a weekend on the coast with your bestie or your partner, Twilight Glamping’s Bell tents are sure to make your getaway one to remember.

Decked out with interiors including queen or single beds, linen, towels, cushions, rugs, blankets, rechargeable warm light USB lantern and chairs, these tents have everything you need for a weekend off the grid… and that’s just the start!

What’s more, Twilight Glamping can deliver bell tent/s within serviced areas and they offer set up, pack up and washing or linen and cleaning. Need we say more?

Check it out for yourself at here.


If completely going off the grid is the type of experience you’re looking for, Australian independent accommodation peeps Unyoked are your saving grace.

Founded and run by twin brothers, these sustainable and solar-powered tiny houses allow guests to depart from the ordinary and provide you with temporary liberation from the concrete jungle – and your commitments. Located essentially in the middle of nowhere, on secret patches of wilderness on private properties, it’s perfect for when you want to disconnect and recharge, but at the added bonus of being only a couple of hours drive from the city.

Facing a remote mountain range and bordering a State Forest is your kind of scenery, there’s an option in the Pyrenees Mountains, or if you’re looking to get deep into nature, there’s options in Central Gippsland. If a private valley next to sandstone cliffs and a meandering stream is more your style, there’s a charming little cabin in the Kyneton Region.

You’ll be equipped with all the essentials – beddings, towels, gas stove, bar fridge, fire pit, hot shower and kitchen supplies – with a blissful lack of wi-fi, oversized windows and composting toilets, all with the aim of making guests feel connected to the environment.

All you really need are your shoes, mosquito repellent, water bottle, sunscreen and flanno… it’s as simple as that.

Check it out here.


Located in Forrest, just over an hour’s drive from Geelong, this is a chance to spend a weekend within a curious mix of tree-house, vintage train, raw and recycled materials, set in a rambling adventure garden of the surrounding Otways rainforest.

The renovated property may not be five-star luxury, but it is unique and it’s far away from the hustle of every day life. It is an eclectic construction, built on a framework of local tree poles. In parts, it is three storeys high. The interior is a mixture of parts from the train carriage, locally felled timber, materials from a nearby church, and other salvaged bits and pieces.

Perfect for solo adventures, couples, small families or groups of up to eight, within the loft you’ll find a free-standing claw foot bath in master bedroom (with a lovely view over the green yard and landscape), a wood fired heater with wood supply included, a hammock, a piano, and a full kitchen for all your homemade meals. There is a washing machine, dryer and WiFi should you feel the need to reconnect with the world.

You can check it out here.

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