Ecca Vandal: End of Time

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Ecca Vandal: End of Time

Ecca Vandal is someone who doesn’t play by the rules, most recently dodging the traditional pattern to promote a release and putting her EP out into the world in true surprise fashion. Very Ecca Vandal.

The release itself is also very true to Ecca’s musical styling, with her growling, chaotic vocals weaving through each and every track. ‘End of Time’ and ‘Battle Royale’ are the two tracks radio has taken to the most. Both tracks are manic, unhinged and harness the exact kind of unpredictability we love in an Ecca Vandal release. The guitars are fast-paced, the riffs are sharp, and once Ecca Vandal starts and the full band comes in, there’s no stopping her.

Highlight on the album is ‘Running At People’ for its stop and start manner, allowing to relax for just enough time before the next Ecca wave crashes in. This track also proves her vocal ability; she is about so much more than just that punk-aggressive way of saying things. In ‘Running At People’ the track almost steps into pop territory at times (by almost, I mean maybe for 10 seconds).

Out via Dew Process/Universal Music
Reviewed by Valerie Vatoosh