Easy As Fraser A. Gorman Likes

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Easy As Fraser A. Gorman Likes

We sure are a talented bunch on the Surf Coast and the upcoming Sound Doctor show on Saturday August 25th celebrates this as we welcome ‘home’ Fraser A. Gorman who is touring with his new album.
Fraser A. Gorman may not be a name you’ve heard a lot, but this local artist is definitely one to watch, with his mix of country, folk, soul and blues song genre. Growing up in Torquay and being surrounded by surf culture, he quickly strayed away and looked to the songs of Bob Dylan and early ‘60s rock n roll for his musical inspiration. By the time he was 15, he was playing in a high school garage rock band at local venues and around the country, and when the band decided to go its separate ways he took his love for country, blues and folk and went solo, writing songs with a laid-back, storytelling style.
After releasing his first full length album in 2015, Gorman toured the world three times before settling back in Melbourne to work as a carpenter and contemplate existence. Music has called him back though, and he’s hitting the road following the release of his latest album Easy Dazy.
Looking back on previous gigs, Gorman reflects; “I haven’t played a show in Anglesea since my first ever gig – ever – when I was around 13. I played Dumb Things by Paul Kelly at an open mic night at the pub and I’m pretty sure I forgot the words… So now I’m coming back, 14 years later,” he smiles.
As for his most recent creation Easy Dazy, Gorman says the support has been great following the release of album this year. “I’ve been really stoked with the response so far and I’m just happy to have a record out and touring again; I’m really happy with it all.”
With song writing that builds around his ability to convey his life, hopes, and fears openly with sun-drenched tones and lyrical wit, Gorman’s new album has a warm and timeless feel. Taking a slight step away from the country, folk vibes of his previous releases, it’s more laid-back Americana with a driving pop sensibility.
With this set of sweet buttery tunes, you can tell that it would be hard to live in Torquay and not draw on your surroundings for influences. “You can’t help but be influenced by where you came from. It’s always going to be inside you and come through in the way you are no matter what you do,” Gorman explains. “I wouldn’t say that much on a musical level. I think on musical level, my influences came out in Geelong, mostly from the National Hotel on Moorabool Street.”
This new album has no set theme, but that doesn’t take away the quality of the tracks as Gorman outlines. “For me, with the two records that I’ve made, it’s always felt to me like they were just like a little time capsule of where I was at that time. That’s the way I’ve always felt about it.
“It’s kind of funny, often when I record albums, I often record them and then they take a long time to come out so by the time the record actually gets out, it’s been such a long time since I wrote the songs. You get a lot of time to sit with the songs and often by the time they’re out, it means something different to you, or you’re not quite the same person who were when you wrote them. In saying that, I still like all the songs so that’s good enough for me.”
And that’s good enough for us too.
When & Where: The Sound Doctor Presents at Anglesea Memorial Hall, Anglesea – Saturday August 25.
Bookings: www.trybooking.com/WSBZ
Written by Chloe Cicero