Dylan Joel

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Dylan Joel

When you think about the golden age of Australian music with artists such as Vance Joy and Courtney Barnett killing it overseas, we are so lucky with the Australian output of music at the moment. One of the main superstars at the moment is Dylan Joel and having just wrapped up a 44-date tour of Australia with Seth Sentry, he is ready to hit it on the back of his debut record Authentic Lemonade.
“Mate! I’m great at the moment, I’ve just toured for a few months with Seth Sentry and I think that it was a really good experience to understand what’s involved in a tour like that,” Joel says.
“I am super excited for some headline shows and I can’t wait to meet all of the people coming out.”
Although there have been no official quotes about how Sentry is when he is on tour, from viewing some social media escapades whilst on his current European tour, he did manage to break his leg. So that leaves me to ask the question, what is he like to go on the road with and hang out after a show?
“Seth likes to push the boundaries when he is performing, so in saying that, I have no qualms on how he broke his leg,” he says.
“He is known to have some iconic things in his set that happens like the Nerf Gun and the Hoverboard on the ‘Dear Science’ tour. It’s kinda standard for me to do something outlandish like that. Although we don’t do the whole Nerf thing, we do have a lot of surprises in store and everybody should come down.”
If you haven’t heard of Dylan Joel he is the bright spark in the Aussie hip hop scene and is assured to do massive things off the back of this debut record.
With a variety of different sounds and influences to the tracks, there is a little something that is different within Joel’s music. Maybe it’s the lemonade stand that they will have at shows or maybe it’s the way of marrying cool stories and lyrics in with some lush electro beats.
One of the tracks on Authentic Lemonade is ‘Swing’ and features the talents of two Australian heavyweights Mantra and DJ Izm from Bliss ‘n’ Eso. For a young artist such as Joel, it must have been quite a moment to have collaborate on the track.
“I entered a government funded program which gave me a musical mentor and that was Mantra. How I got Izm involved well, I was playing a show and Izm came up and introduced himself and things just seemed to happen really naturally after we kept in contact,” Joel says.
Talking about the rise to fame so far, which has seen Joel support the likes of Seth Sentry and Bliss N Eso as well as produce one of the best Australian Hip Hop releases of 2015, Joel is excited about hitting the road. With one final word to the Forte readers ahead of the Workers Club show on October 30 it is this: “If you’re into positive vibes, good music, having fun and having nights to remember, then you should probably get down. It’s your decision, all good if not, you’ll win you over at some point.”
Written by Tex Miller
When & Where: The Workers Club, Geelong – October 30 & Howler, Melbourne – November 13