Dustin Tebbutt Announces New Album and Tour

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Dustin Tebbutt Announces New Album and Tour

First breaking onto the scene with his single ‘The Breach’, Dustin Tebbutt has completed a full length LP following the same subject of love and how it can change your perspective on life.

The album, titled First Light, is to be released on August 5 and kicked off with a national 10-date tour.

“I really can’t wait to share these songs with people live”, says Dustin.

“I think when I first started out, I took for granted how special playing live music can be. I was so used to working in the studio that I felt really exposed and out of my depth on stage. This time around, I’ve got an awesome band behind me, and I’ve been working hard to translate these new tunes onto the stage really convincingly. Most of all, I want these shows to be fun! There will still be plenty of quiet, intimate moments but I’ve also been writing with a more energetic and lighthearted energy lately which I think should carry through the whole show.”

Dustin plays the Northcote Social Club in Melbourne on August 12 and the Workers Club in Geelong on August 13. Tickets go on sale 9am, June 21 via the website.