Dune Rats: Bringing Their A Game To The Valley

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Dune Rats: Bringing Their A Game To The Valley

It’s been the biggest year yet for Aussie indie surf rock heroes the Dune Rats. They’ve been touring, recording songs, and even spending time in Mexico with acclaimed rapper Drapht. Now, the hyperactive Brisbane outfit are about to embark on a huge double headline tour of Europe with long-time friends DZ Deathrays.

According to Dune Rats drummer BC Michaels, the lads are very keen for the ‘International Disaster’ tour.
“I’m feeling good about that, it’ll be really good – I think. Even if the shows aren’t good, it’ll be fun but I think the shows will be good,” Michaels says. “They [DZ] actually took us on our first tour ever, and then we did that tour with [Violent] Soho and them this year, so it’ll be sick to go on tour with them again for like two months. It’ll be fucking awesome, love them – good dudes!”

Five years since their debut, the guys have been spending time in the studio, recording tracks produced by Zac Carper of Fidlar (who also produced their newest single ‘Bullshit’). According to Michaels, there was no real clear-cut direction of what the band wanted to get from the recording sessions.

“We just tried to make the best songs we could and I fucking like them. It’s the kind of album that if people don’t like it that much they can go and get fucked. I’m not sure if it’s going to be an album, it’s hard to say but the songs are good. We are just dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s at the moment.”

Always up for new adventures, Dune Rats also collaborated with Drapht for his song ‘Mexico’ which scored them a trip to the country with the rapper himself.

“The idea was to not do much acting and stuff, but just go over there and have a fuckload of fun and then film the thing the whole time. We did a bit of performance stuff, but it was after a bunch of margaritas and stuff. We honestly just spent a lot of time drinking margaritas, which are really cheap, and eating awesome food. They have great food there and just having a blast really and just filming stuff,” Michaels says.

“That’s the first time we have really collaborated with anyone. It was a pretty cool experience, really good fun. It’s something that I reckon would be sick if we did more of with anyone who would be sick to do it [collaborate] with.”

The Dunies will be returning to Australia to unleash their new tunes, including a gig at this year’s massive Beyond The Valley. According to Michaels, the boys are “psyched” to play the festival. Although, after finding out that Sticky Fingers are bringing in the New Year countdown, he thinks that “maybe we will be on a smaller stage, taking in the countdown to no one – just playing with ourselves.”

Written by Alex Callan
Photo by Nick Parkinson

When & Where: Beyond The Valley, Lardner – December 28 2016 – January 1 2017