Dum Dum Girls: Too True

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Dum Dum Girls: Too True

There’s something so understatedly catchy yet appealing about the Dum Dum Girls’ third full-length album Too True. The band has brought back their iconic indie-pop sounds, with their simple yet piercing lyrics being a feature throughout.
At times Too True takes a turn at a more generic pop sound, but it’s in these instances where we lose sight of just why we love the Dum Dum Girls – which is their unique combination of indie and pop. ‘Rimbaud Eyes’ lapses into this area, and though a catchy tune just doesn’t feel genuine.
Lead singer Dee Dee lets her emotions shine through in the melancholy tracks ‘Are You Okay?’, ‘Trouble is My Name’ and ‘Too True to be Good’. Dee Dee proves her skills hitting the lower octaves in these tracks but misses the mark slightly in ‘Too True to be Good’.
‘Lost Boys and Girls Club’ brings an edgier track to the album and is the kind of thing you’d hear played to thoroughly intoxicated patrons at a poorly lit bar. The guitar throughout makes the track a standout, with ‘Little Minx’ a close second.
Though Too True hits a few bumps along the way, the album finishes on a high with the ambient track ‘Trouble is My Name’, proving that there’s more to the Dum Dum Girls than singing satisfying indie-pop tracks.
Release: out now via Sub Pop
Written by Amanda Sherring