Drowning Houdini

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Drowning Houdini

With winter only just around the next greasy asphalt corner, Drowning Houdini plan to drift it without losing maximum speed;
The cops are right up their clacker!
Join the fearsome trio for their inaugural single launch ‘Cop Magnet’
plus apparently there’s also a mysterious, tobacco-stained B-side?
What more could you ask for?
Well luckily that isn’t rhetorical, because joining them for the G-force ride are the whimsical, funk-laced Ballroom bomb triggers Better Than Sex.
Not to mention the high velocity, revitilised classic punk torque that is always provided by faithful compadres PCGs.
Attend the warmth of Sooki Lounge and save yourself from the cold hand of the law, but remember, instruments are deadly weapons.