Dragon celebrates April Sun in Cuba’s 40th anniversary

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Dragon celebrates April Sun in Cuba’s 40th anniversary

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of classic hit ‘April Sun in Cuba’, Dragon has announced another two special shows and will be bringing their hit to Gateway. “A song that is part of the soundtrack of everyone’s life needs a birthday party on turning 40,” says bassist Todd Hunter.

The 1977 song peaked at number two in the Australian charts, and had an impressive 22-week run in the charts. Their first hit, its impact could never have been predicted. Audiences continue to sing the chorus at every Dragon show.

Recorded following a bad car accident, Todd recalls the image of “a bunch of bedraggled, bandaged and neck-braced casualties recording this bright and shiny pop song. I think that more or less sums up the ’70s for us.”

But it is more than the ’70s; Todd believes the song is timeless. “April Sun in Cuba wasn’t anchored in the ’70s, it is somehow laconic, Australian but looking out… It’s anthemic, it’s loose, it’s in the groove.”

When & Where: Gateway Hotel, Corio – Friday 27 October 2017 (doors open 8.30pm)

Tickets from $34.70 | See thegatewayhotel.com.au