Dr. Martens drop Sex Pistols collab collection

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Dr. Martens drop Sex Pistols collab collection

Anarchic. Irreverent. Rebellious.

When the Sex Pistols stormed onto the scene in 1975, they changed music forever.

Everything about them – from the attitude and originality of their lyrics to the DIY aesthetic of their clothing – challenged the establishment and the clean-cut world of pop.

This essence and non-conformist spirit has now been perfectly captured and channelled in a Dr. Martens collection, inspired by the band’s iconic album artwork, designed by Jamie Reid in collaboration with the Sex Pistols (what’s not to love about that sentence!).

The collection features black and white styles emblazoned with lyrics from the song, Pretty, Vacant, along with pops of neon pink and vibrant yellow – paying homage to the Sex Pistols’ raucous expression and everlasting rebellious attitude.

Shop the collection in-store (Chadstone Melbourne) and online at www.drmartens.com.au.