Dr Livingstone, I Presume?

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Dr Livingstone, I Presume?

If at first you don’t succeed, drink some beer and try again. The story begins in 2011. Actually, it begins in 2009 but we play it dangerous here so 2011 it is. January ’11 and Van Walker collects a bunch of musicians, gets them liquored up, feeds ’em a BBQ, and begins the journey of the Livingstone Daisies. He had served up his songs before back in 2009 with Greetings from Penguin Tasmania, and by all accounts was pretty happy with the results. However, he had pop-rock in his soul that he needed to get out. So off to a beach house in Inverloch he and his music-makers went and spent four days recording 16 songs. A second recording stint followed, with the band releasing Don’t Know What Happiness Is (That’s Why I’m Happy) early last year. Old Hepburn Hotel, Hepburn Springs – August 22.