Dorsal Fins: Mind Renovation

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Dorsal Fins: Mind Renovation

Simply getting feature album on triple j pretty much cemented the Dorsal Fins new album Mind Renovation to do well, and it seems more just that it’s actually a decent release.
‘Nothing Left to Hide’ crushes hearts in its treat em’ mean keep em’ keen mentality, but hold your breath for ‘Monday Tuesday’ where the vocals mend the broken spirits of before. ‘Heart on the Floor’ is a dance-able disco-inspired beat that has colourful strobe lighting fill your sight as soon as the beat kicks in.
Title track, and easily one of my favourites of the album, ‘Mind Renovation’ bursts through the speakers with its warped sound and droning vocals instigating action.
‘Escape Me’ is dark, slow building and oh so perfect. It’s the kind of moody track a heart broken teen listens to after one too many rejections. Basically, a track that mightn’t make you feel all giddy inside but it certainly makes you feel those feels. Though if that has you ploughing through the tissues, hold out for ‘Sun & Stars’ a timely follow up that’ll have you singing at the top of your lungs.
Basically, get your hands on this release by any means possible as this is one LP you’re going to want to have the thrill of owning in its physical form – even if it just sits of the shelf with it’s yellow cover smiling at you.
Out now via Remote Control Records/Gripless
By Amanda Sherring