Don’t Breathe

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Don’t Breathe

When a trio of thieves decide to break into the home of a blind man to steal the large cash settlement he got after the death of his daughter, it seems pretty clear who we’re meant to be cheering for.

But it doesn’t take long once Money (Daniel Zovatto), his girlfriend Rocky (Jane Levy), and the wary one only sticking around to be close to her Alex (Dylan Minnette) are in a world of pain.

The owner of this barricaded, mostly bare and very creepy house (Stephen Lang) is a veteran who doesn’t seem to have lost any of his killing skills, and once he’s awake the slightest sound from any of the trio could be their last.

Director Fede Alvarez (the Evil Dead remake) keeps this lean and mean, quickly sketching in the trio just well enough for us to understand their motives and shift our loyalties once it becomes clear that their greed has brought them to a very bad place.

Scene after scene is a masterpiece of tension as any sound could get them killed – but staying still isn’t always an option either. Within this basic setup there are enough twists and turns to keep the tension sky-high; it’s not just the people on-screen who will be holding their breath.

Reviewed by Anthony Morris