Doniger offers up a new rock track with an important message in new single ‘Renegade’

Doniger offers up a new rock track with an important message in new single ‘Renegade’

Words by Keegan Bennett

‘Renegade’ is the title track from his forthcoming album.

Having been a player in the Queensland roots and blues scene for some time, Gavin Doniger has returned and is looking to change up his sound with a new solo project under the moniker ‘Doniger’.

Doniger is releasing his debut album ‘Renegade’ under the new name soon and is releasing the second single from the record on the 27th.

The second single, the title track, reflects his desire to stray away from his previous sound, presenting a tight, clean rock tune that takes influence from the rock-renaissance of the 2000s and reminds me of Queens of the Stone Age’s ‘Era Vulgaris’. Lyrically, ‘Renegade’ offers an important message and speaks of society’s obsession with social media. ‘How many likes do you own?’ Doniger sings as a layering instrumental builds to a climax towards the chorus.

Instrumentally there is a lot to love here with a punchy, guitar-filled backing accompanying the lyrics that remind us of the importance of human connection.

Doniger’s previous work has prided itself on being “real music made with real instruments” and ‘Renegade’ certainly doesn’t disappoint in that regard, offering host to a number of electric guitars and a lovely swinging tambourine line that makes the track feel like a better-produced version of something The Black Keys might have put out in the 2000’s.

The main draw to the track is the message highlighted throughout. Although Doniger’s delivery is light-hearted, the lyrics offer up an important message for the youth, lines about people speaking ‘face to face’ and spending time together in person are important values to hold in an ever digital world.

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