Does size really matter?

Does size really matter?

It’s the age-old debate, does size REALLY matter?

They say it’s all about how you use it, but I want to disagree… no one wants it small. Being small doesn’t have the same “impact” that being big does. The outcomes just aren’t the same. And sure, maybe being small doesn’t bother YOU so you think being small doesn’t matter. But let me tell you, being small definitely impacts negatively on the people you are in contact with. So I would say that yes, size does bloody matter!

I’m talking about the size of your dreams, of course 😉

When you think small, you limit the universe’s ability to work through you and you squash your own creativity. Thinking small puts a cap on how many people you can make a positive difference to via what it is you have to offer. Basically, small thinking keeps you from your destiny and from being the person the world desperately needs you to be.

People think small for a variety of reasons… it might be due to a lack of confidence in skills and abilities, or perhaps self-doubt that is deeply embedded due to not growing up in a supportive environment. Maybe it’s due to limiting beliefs about money and so they’re operating with a scarcity mindset…

Whatever it is that’s keeping your thinking small, let me promise you one thing… in this case, size definitely DOES matter. The people you’re in contact with do care, and you deserve bigger and better.

So, I want you to humour me for a few moments. I want you to listen to that little voice inside that’s highlighting right now to you where you’re living in fear that’s causing you to think small, and I want you to tell it to “fuck off”. It’s time to upgrade to that big thinking energy! You deserve it and the world deserves it from you. Go get em’, tiger.

Seeing my love, ya’ll!
Kim xx