Discover ‘Home Grown’, a must-see exclusive showcase of local artists at Iconiko Geelong

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Discover ‘Home Grown’, a must-see exclusive showcase of local artists at Iconiko Geelong

Words by Staff Writer

Celebrate local talent in this stunning art collaboration at Iconiko Geelong this March.

Tucked away in the vibrant hub of Geelong West, arts destination Iconiko is calling on art lovers and culture aficionados alike to immerse themselves in its captivating world of creativity. With a vision to showcase incredible art and offer a space that resonates with everyone, Iconiko is rewriting the narrative of the local art scene.

Prepare to be enchanted as Iconiko presents its second original art exhibit, ‘Home Grown’, a celebration of Geelong’s homegrown artistic talent. Set within the iconic confines of the Iconiko store on Pakington Street, this exclusive showcase brings together the beautiful artworks of local artists Abby Lee and Nic Everist, accompanied by the masterful ceramics of Elizabeth Bell.

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Taking place on Saturday, March 16, 2024, from 11am onwards, Iconiko will throw open its doors to art lovers across the region, offering complimentary entry for all to immerse themselves in the beauty of local art. While you’re there, you’ll also be able to delight your senses with delectable nibbles, sip on refreshing champagnes, and allow yourself to be swept away by the artistic ambiance that permeates every corner of the store.

Meet The Artists

Before delving into the enchanting world of ‘Home Grown’ at Iconiko, let’s take a moment to meet the brilliant minds behind the captivating artworks on display.

Abby Lee

Hailing from the picturesque town of Warracknabeal and now calling Geelong home, Abby Lee is a rising star in the world of acrylic art. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant colors of Australian wildflowers and everyday life, Abby’s intuitive paintings exude a sense of movement and vitality. Whether she’s capturing the intricate details of ceramics or exploring the abstract beauty of gum-leaf motifs, Abby’s work is a testament to her profound connection to her surroundings and memories.

Nic Everist

Grounded in her love for nature and the landscapes that surround her, Nic Everist’s art transcends traditional boundaries. Based in Geelong, Nic’s landscape paintings serve as a window into her inner world, blending abstract mark-making with meticulous brushstrokes to create captivating compositions. Through her art, Nic invites viewers to embark on a journey of introspection and healing, forging connections with the natural world and each other.

The ‘Home Grown’ exhibition encapsulates the essence of Australian life—a celebration of cherished memories, iconic ceramics, and the vibrant flora that adorns our homes. For Abby Lee, this collaboration is a personal journey, reflecting the warmth and nostalgia of growing up in regional Australia. Likewise, for Nic Everist, ‘Home Grown’ is an opportunity to share her inner reflections and connect with others who seek solace in the beauty of nature.


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Alongside the artists, Elizabeth Bell will be there with her absolutely stunning ceramics. With a passion for crafting timeless ceramics, Elizabeth brings joy to her customers through her exquisite pieces. From her home studio in Geelong, Victoria, she meticulously handcrafts a range of ceramics, including limited-edition collections and made-to-order pieces. Elizabeth’s dedication to sustainability is evident in her conscious efforts to run a low-impact, sustainable business, ensuring her environmental footprint remains minimal.

At Iconiko, art isn’t just a medium of expression; it’s a way of life. This local gem is quickly establishing itself as a haven for original artworks and innovative exhibitions, both online and within its physical space. With a diverse array of contemporary and abstract wall art, canvas prints, framed prints, and posters, Iconiko aims to make modern living stylish and accessible to all, without compromising on quality or affordability.

And now with ‘Home Grown’, Iconiko is embracing the spirit of local artistry, supporting and celebrating the talents that call Geelong home.

Save the date for an unforgettable showcase of talent, passion, and creativity at Iconiko—a destination where art knows no bounds.

View the Facebook event here, or head to the Iconiko website here