Geelong’s Most In-demand Party is Back: Disco 2000

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Geelong’s Most In-demand Party is Back: Disco 2000

When was the last time you went to a party where you truly let your hair down and let your freak flag fly? Chances are it was a long, long time ago. For those who remember it, Disco 2000 was the party when you could mix patterns, throw glitter in your hair or rock up in a unicorn suit and nobody cared, instead it was embraced. Paired with some serious beats it quickly became one of the hottest parties in town. Euphorie Bezirk are back with Metou Entertainment, UNO Danceclub and Bones Rd for its fourth incarnation. We had a chat with one of the organisers Shannon Moroney on why it’s so damn good.

Hi Shannon, thanks for taking the time to chat with Forte Magazine, how are you and what are you up to at the moment?

No problem, thanks for having me. I’m very well! I just got in from a show in Sydney with my business partner Leigh Boy so feeling a little dense. Apart from the dealing with the impending hangover we are putting the finishes touches on our baby DISCO 2000.

So this will be your brand Euphorie Bezirk’s second birthday and the 4thDISCO 2000, how did the event first come to be?

Well we’ve been throwing parties as long as we’ve been doing music pretty much (mostly in Melbourne in the beginning). So when we started playing gigs in Geelong more often the parties came with us too – that’s where the idea of party came about. It’s basically an ode to the New York rave culture in the early 1990s; big outfits, big personalities and big records – very simple ethos.

Can you take us back to that first event? What were people wearing, what was the vibe, any memorable moments?

Man, it was a million miles an hour – word spread so quickly that night. The vibe was unlike anything I’d experienced. Everyone in the room was so ferociously free and light spirited, I’ll never forget the feeling in the air.

On Facebook you’re listed as a “church/religious organisation”, if this were true what would you say are the key elements that Disco 2000 practice?

Techno is the only religion we live by.

And we know that costumes/fancy get-ups are more than encouraged, what kind of things would you love to see people wearing this time around?

They certainly are. Honestly that’s not up to me! One thing I will encourage is to dress to SELF EXPRESS. It’s the one night of the year where you can become whoever (or whatever) you like, the one night of year where inhibitions are fairly discouraged, so don’t hold back.

As for the line up, how long was the process of deciding who to get? Was it a dictatorship or mutual in terms of decisions?

Oh it’s a no brainer every year really. For 2016 we have obviously moved to a much larger venue, so we’ve taken advantage of that. The main floor we have Bedrock/Chameleon Recordings Jamie Stevens who we have always admired and is on the cutting edge of Australian dance music (IMO) as well as our resident queen of glamour Sunshine. Couple that with our Euphorie Bezirk artists on support, a reunion of the ciao DJs outside, and two fully fledged Funktion One rigs – we are seriously in for it!

The last event was a sellout show, what do you think it is that sets this event apart and has the people of Geelong and surrounds so excited?

Geelong has great partiers there is no doubt about that, but there’s not always a setting for them to truly let go. I think if you build something that allows someone to feel good, then naturally they will come. We are just happy to be able to provide that platform.

What will be the changes this time around after last time?

A whole heap. I believe the sound programming, production and décor is something the city hasn’t seen before, and the energy driving the show is unprecedented. But I’ll leave the rest up to the imagination.

Line up
Handsdown / Leigh Boy
Jozef Conor / Kane Laidley
Togar / Arro
Kirk Chetcuti / Karl Devic

OPEN AIR TERRACE: (Hosted by Ciao Djs!)
Marley Swain / Lonsdale Carland
For more information and to purchase tickets find them on Facebook or visit Eventbrite (

When & Where: UNO Danceclub, Geelong – July 23