Disciples of Ink, where art never fades

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Disciples of Ink, where art never fades

Getting your first tattoo is slightly terrifying. I think it’s the sound of the tattoo gun and the overwhelming fear of getting permanent ink needled into your skin. But rest assured, it’s anything but terrifying at Disciples of Ink, where gifted human and award-winning tattooist Kieran Tyrrell has created the ultimate relaxed vibe for inking your skin.

While you can find a tattoo parlour in almost any city, it’s Kieran’s linework, artistic design and high quality that truly sets Disciples of Ink apart from the rest. His journey into the world of tattooing has been a lifelong passion for creating, designing, drawing and painting since his youth. As a graduate student of Visual Arts, Printmaking, Electronic Design and Interactive Media, this led him to work as a Graphic Designer and Animator, then altering his trajectory into the world of Tattooing.

With his history steeped in art, combined with his persistence, development, and knowledge within the craft, it’s no surprise he’s been championed and awarded for his ongoing successes with his designs. I mean he’s even been awarded positions as Secretary and Victoria Representative for the Australian Tattooist Guild. That’s big, and is a clear reflection of the respect and value he has within the Australian Tattoo Artist Community.

So whether it’s mandala’s and flowers, lions and snakes, or even human portraits and script, rest assured you’ll be getting exactly what you envisioned – actually, better than what you envisioned. And if you’ve got an idea for a tattoo but aren’t exactly Picasso on paper, just send Kieran your idea and he’ll take care of the rest.

We all know tattoos are serious business, and Disciples of Ink has both the perfect artist and parlour to help bring the masterpiece in your mind to reality on your skin. It should be beyond clear by now… Kieran is a disciplined Disciple of Ink; the genius and genesis of his artistic branding within the ever-changing terrain in the world of tattooing and body modifications.

Contact Kieran for your next tat via [email protected] or call 0403 862 593

Open Tuesday and Wednesday from 10am to 6pm, Thursday and Friday from 10am to 8pm, and on Saturdays from 10am to 6pm. Disciples of Ink is located at 154 Main Street, Bacchus Marsh. Check out the FB page here.