Did someone say Lemon Sour Sorbet beer?

Did someone say Lemon Sour Sorbet beer?

Blackman’s Brewery’s passion project The Barrel Farm is launching beer number two in the Summer Sour Series.. and it’s pretty damn sweet!

Introducing Lemon Sour Sorbet… a fruited kettle sour, with Torquay seawater made to evoke memories of Lemon sorbet at the beach. You’ll get a gentle sourness with lemony notes and a soft mouthfeel from the lactose. The team recommends serving with a scoop of lemon sorbet in your glass to enhance drinking experience!

The beer will be launching this Saturday (January 18) at the Great Australian Beer Festival Geelong Blackman’s Brewery in Torquay, Blackman’s Burger Bar Ocean Grove and The Good Beer Bar by Blackman’s in Geelong CBD.

And yes they’ll be serving it with sorbet if you want it!