Designed by musicians, Muzikboxx is the new all-in-one music management app for music teachers

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Designed by musicians, Muzikboxx is the new all-in-one music management app for music teachers

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Made by musicians, for musicians, the all-in-one subscription app, Muzikboxx, will streamline music lessons for students and teachers.

Music teachers can now do more of what they love with Muzikboxx, the brand-new app designed to help music teachers manage their students so they can focus on what they love doing: being musicians!

The brainchild of master musician and entrepreneur Monica Rouvellas, the all-in-one subscription platform allows teachers to invoice, receive payments, schedule lessons, communicate with students and more. Aiming to make music education more accessible than ever before, students are also able to access a growing network of music teachers specific to their needs at the click of a button.

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“The benefits of learning music are indisputable,” says Rouvellas.

“Studies show that studying music can improve brain function in children, enhance language and mathematical skills, and improve memory, attention and concentration. It’s also a lot of fun! My goal for Muzikboxx is to make music education accessible for everyone – no matter where they live, what level they’re at or what their schedule is like.”

The feature-packed app is intelligently designed with an upcoming notes and reporting feature incorporating AI to track performance and provide accountability. Students will be able to access learning materials and upload recordings of their music practice for which they may receive feedback.

Rouvellas, a passionate violinist, music teacher, composer and producer who first began learning violin at the age of 6, has drawn from a lifetime of experience in the music world to help others overcome the inefficiencies associated with the financial and administrative aspects of music education.

This means, that on the teaching side, the app provides analytics data, easy management of student profiles and an enquiries function, which removes the need for a clunky external website. Teachers can also build their profile and following via the app by sharing content like blogs, music repertoire and articles.

“This is a boon for parents and students who are looking to match up with their perfect teacher,” she explains.

“Content like blogs and videos are a great way for prospective students to get a feel for their teacher and their approach to music. The app makes it easy to find teachers that are the right fit for them. Parents can also take advantage of the pre-vetting feature to filter for those with current working with children checks.”

Garnering positive attention from students and music teachers alike with the arrival of Muzikboxx, Rouvellas is aiming to get 1000 users on board within the first six months of launching. In the long term, she intends to incorporate more workshops for teachers to learn how to teach students online, a real-time feedback function for students, and to expand Muzikboxx globally.

Currently the app is only available to teachers and students, however is likely to expand to educational institutions looking for a convenient way to coordinate music lessons between teachers, parents and students.

“The enthusiastic reception we’ve had suggests the music education industry is crying out for a modern system to coordinate music lessons. Music teachers are passionate and talented, but they are being held back by the inconveniences of running a business.

“Muzikboxx simplifies the work of running a business so teachers can get back to doing what they love most, which is teaching music.”

You can find out more about Muzikboxx here