Deepswell Audio is the newest in online music mixing

Deepswell Audio is the newest in online music mixing

It is an immense amount of work to become a successful musician. Long hours, hard work, little reward for a long time. From picking up an instrument (or singing) for the first time, to being happy with the way you sound, to the next big step: recording. I, for one, have countless Voice Memos saved in my phone, trying different lyrics and sounds, looking for a sound far better than my old iPhone 6 is capable of. Even if you have got the pieces and software required to record each track you want for a song, the next process is an even bigger challenge: mixing.

Enter Deepswell Audio, the newest in online music mixing based right here in Australia. Utilising industry-leading equipment and software, Deepswell will take your tracks and mix them to a release-ready standard. For all you tech-heads out there, Deepswell uses products from leading brands including Beyer-Dynamic, Focusrite and Eventide. It’s easy enough for you or your band to record each track, but this service goes the extra mile to produce a sound for you that will appeal to a wider listening demographic, and will work until you’re happy with the final track.

Deepswell offer three packages at the moment, appropriately titled the Mix Pack, EP Pack, and Album Pack. Ranging from $130 to $1500, each package is built for what you need, mixing a single song, six, or twelve tracks respectively. As well as offering each track in multiple release formats (including WAV, MP3, and FLAC) and a lifetime archival of your work, Deepswell Audio offer recalls for tracks, ensuring your satisfaction with the resulting sound.

If this wasn’t enough reason to work with Deepswell, they also work closely with charities. 20% of all sales go directly towards the purchase of musical instruments and equipment for children whose families cannot afford them. Currently, Deepswell are sending drum heads and cymbals to Hosea, a young drummer located in The Philippines.

If you need any more persuasion to look to Deepswell Audio for all your mixing needs, just head to their website and check out the ‘Portfolio’ section to get an idea of the services that they offer. If you have any more questions or queries, feel free to contact Stewart on 03450 45036.