Deconstruct Recreate proves the vivacious power of music for youth health

Deconstruct Recreate proves the vivacious power of music for youth health

The new music therapy program hitting the right notes

It’s long been known that music can soothe the soul, but it turns out it can do a whole lot more for your overall health too.

Embracing the universal human trait, music therapy has been instrumental in improving the physical recovery and mental wellbeing of countless patients over the years, uses the varying properties of music to assist participants to achieve individual therapeutic goals.

Driven by a passion in enabling young people to develop holistically, actor, singer and founding member of YouTube sensation The Janoskians, Beau Brooks has founded a new music-based therapy program for children and adolescents, titled Deconstruct Recreate.

In collaboration with Creative Art Therapy Australia (CATA) and SAE Creative Media Institute Melbourne, the program aims to give a voice to children and youth who are enduring psychological and physical trauma, chronic illness and mental health challenges through art, narrative and movement.

Through a minimum of five session, program participants will explore their authentic voice and creative potential through the program, which aims to reduce stress, manage anxiety and use creative expression to encourage positive thoughts and increased confidence.

Led by a qualified art therapist and a professional music producer, participants also gain access to professional studios, equipment and instruments are provided by SAE.

“We work with the participants through breathing and movement exercises, and try to get them dancing to feel comfortable. We also run a lyric writing session and there are opportunities to collaborate with established industry professionals such as music producers, instrumentalists, DJs and artists.”

After 15 releases, three world tours, a solo music career and roles on the big screen (Public Disturbance, Hope Springs Eternal), Beau disbanded The Janoskians in 2017 and returned to Melbourne to help kids forge a different path in the music industry. Embarking on this new industry mission, Brooks conceived Deconstruct Recreate as his final project in the Bachelor of Audio at SAE Institute – and aspires to expand the project nationally after graduation.

“The kids we have been working with already use music as an emotional outlet in one way or another. We want to build on that interest and hopefully Deconstruct Recreate can keep them off the streets, out of despair and distract them from what goes on at home,” he reveals.

“After being in the music industry for six years, experiencing three successful world tours with my band, and navigating fame and life in LA – I want to use that experience as a force for good in these kids’ lives, to show them a better path than what I pursued.”

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