Dean Lewis: Same Kind Of Different

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Dean Lewis: Same Kind Of Different

I saw Dean Lewis sing as a supporting act to a modest crowd last year and was taken back by how raw and honest his performance was. Same Kind Of Different embodies this sentiment. Although Lewis is based in Australia, he has spent a lot of time playing and recording in Europe – an influence prominent on his EP. Listening to the intimate yet intense tracks of this EP you are instantly transported to the London countryside.

Lewis’ single ‘Waves’ was featured on the new Netflix series ‘Riverdale’, complimenting the narrative beautifully. The metaphors on this track describe a relationship that fluctuates in intensity, a love that “comes and goes in waves”.

While some of the tracks blur together, ‘Chemicals’ is a song that stands out for its haunting nature. The lyrics “hold me I’m falling apart” are dappled throughout the song, creating an eerie sense.
Concluding the album, Lewis covers Amy Shark’s hit, ‘Adore’. While the framework of Shark’s song remains the same, it becomes apparent that it is the lyrics that Lewis places emphasis on in his song writing. Lewis has stated that he has hundreds of songs ready to go, so if you like this EP you can expect more from this songwriter soon.

Universal Music Australia
Reviewed by Chelsea King
3 stars