Deakin and GPAC join forces for a creative future

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Deakin and GPAC join forces for a creative future

Creativity and design are at the forefront of a rapidly changing world. Creativity has never been more valued by individuals, society, and employers, and it’s increasingly clear that creative workers play an important role in driving economic, social and cultural development – especially here in Geelong.

With this thinking at the helm, Deakin University and GPAC are working together to provide leadership for the emerging generation of artists and creative producers in the form of a ‘Reflex’ symposium.

“We [GPAC and Deakin University] both feel that the creative industries are an important part of Geelong’s future development and as various demographic and economic changes happen in Geelong, the creative industries will be even more important than they are today,” explains Katya Johanson, Associate Dean, Partnerships and International in the Faculty of Arts and Education at Deakin. “It’s a really good time for thinking in new ways about how people spend their cultural time in Geelong.”

Held across November 15 and 16, and coinciding with the launch of GPAC’s new building, the symposium will provide networking opportunities and workshops for current and emerging creative industries practitioners, from school students to established artists and creative professionals within disciplines as diverse as game development and graphic design, fashion and filmmaking, performing arts and publishing, architecture and advertising, media and music, comedy and even craft.

Alongside this, the symposium will also showcase the many impressive collaborative creative works taking place in and around Geelong, and encourage new projects with the aim of strengthening the collaborative Geelong community in general.

“This event is really about showcasing the great work that happens in Geelong in the creative space,” Katya explains. “It’s designed to bring together all of the creative producers in Geelong so that they have the benefit of learning from each other, but also to show the public what great work is already happening with a view to help build the future.

“We’re really just interested in collaborating to make everyone more successful in their creative pursuits in Geelong.”

While the programming is still under wraps, you can expect a variety of interactive workshops aimed specifically towards creatives on the Friday, while Saturday will see a diverse selection of performances, exhibitions, readings, and even walking tour of Geelong which will appeal to anyone and everyone.

With a two-day focus on the creative economy, Katya also explains the benefits of this event for current students, both in schools and university, whether they are studying arts-based courses or not.

“I think it’s important that they have a sense of what their opportunities are, both in terms of their own artistic practice, if that’s what they’re interested in, but also just to make sure that they’re aware of what is and what could go on in Geelong so that they can help shape it in future because they’re going to be the audiences of the future.”

So whether you’re in your second year studying Design at Deakin, exploring freelance photography, working as a professional dancer, or you are just an arts and culture enthusiast, this event is one you should add to your calendar, and keep a keen eye out for further details.