D.A.V.E the Drummer

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D.A.V.E the Drummer

Don’t let the name fool you, D.A.V.E the Drummer is about much more than drumming. In fact, he was one of the key producers behind the acid techno sound from London in the ’90s. We had a chat to the legend on the industries progression, what’s keeping him busy and performing at Earthcore and around the world.
Hey Dave the Drummer! You are known for being one of the key producers behind the acid techno sound from London in the ’90s, how has that sound developed over time?
For me the sound has changed a lot. Back in the ’90s I was making harder faster acid techno. These days I have gotten more into the current sound of techno – which is still pretty driving and tough, but a bit deeper and a little slower tempo with clearer production and spacey FX.
And you’re also the owner of record label Hydraulix, how have you found the talent coming out in the past few years?
I have been happy to release tracks by some very talented people, including Tom Laws, Lowkey and Kardinal, and Marcello Perri. Plus I have been making some new music with and old mate Syber Symon.
You still produce a lot of your own stuff as well, is it nice having such a pool of talented DJs/producers at your finger tips with Hydraulix? We imagine there would be many cross-collaborations happening!
There are lots of collaborative projects planned for later this year. Including something with Chris Liberator which I’m really excited about as we don’t get to see each other much these days
You’re no stranger to the festival scene and you’ve been announced as one of the artists performing at Earthcore in Australia, looking forward to it?
Yes mate, totally looking forward to it, it’s a great festival with a great line up.
Given you’ve performed all over the world, how do us Aussies compare? Do we know how to party?
I love partying with the Aussies, we are cut from the same cloth.
Out of everywhere you’ve performed, who has been the craziest crowd?
The Brazilians and the Polish are always high quality nutters, the English are pretty good too, the Ozzies also like to get down and dirty.
Have there ever been moments where things have gotten too crazy, or do you thrive off that?
I like madness, but not technical problems, or drunk people in the DJ booth knocking stuff over. But I like good times and good vibes and I don’t care how crazy it gets in that respect – the crazier the better.
Thanks again for the chat, any last words of wisdom you’d like to share with our readers?
Ignore the trends, do what feels right.
When & Where: Earthcore, Pyalong – November 26-30