Dave Graney set to Play Geelong’s Secret Garden

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Dave Graney set to Play Geelong’s Secret Garden

South-Australian artist Dave Graney and his band The MistLY are performing Sunday March 11 at Geelong’s best kept secret, a manicured private garden.
Presented by The Events Foundry, the night features gourmet food, fine local wines and craft spirits, ciders and beers alongside the special performance.
Dave Graney is known for his laconic, witty humour and insightful writing style. He plays guitar and sings with his band, The MistLY, featuring Clare Moore on drums/vocals, Stu Thomas on bass/vocals and Stuart Perera on guitar/vocals.
“The camaraderie of the band is really great, I don’t know why you would stop being in a group, you would if it was really miserable or if you drank too much and got depressed or you measured success by other people’s values or something,” Graney smiles. “You are more on the backroads than on the main highway in my experience, and you do enjoy it. We just love playing music really, and also there’s no retiring in music; you just have to work on that.”
Graney has been writing and performing music since the late 1970’s with The Moodists and The Coral Snakes.
“Clare and I have done all kinds of gigs together, we left behind that kind of thing; of a band doing one thing years ago,” he explains. “I do like bands that do their thing and hone it down, but we more like the jazz workshop or something… we go out and do different instrumentation with other gigs as well.”
His charismatic personality is both flamboyantly enigmatic and engaging and he easily delights audiences with his witty rapport and laconic style.
He is best known for his 1994 album Night of the Wolverine and for declaring himself King of Pop in 1996 after being awarded an ARIA for Best Australian Male Artist that same year. He’s also known for his third book, “Workshy”, where Graney reveals the lengths he has gone to avoid anything that really feels like work.
In slacking off, Graney became one of the hardest working musicians in the industry, constantly evolving, reinventing, staying one step ahead of everyone.
“We’re looking forward to performing a set of gold from our 30 album career in this beautiful post-colonial garden on a lazy summer’s day. Come along comrades and join us,” Graney says.
Dave Graney will perform at Geelong’s Secret Garden (74 Brougham St, Geelong) on Sunday March 11. Book your tickets via https://www.trybooking.com/UEGB.

Written by Chloe Cicero