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Hi David, thanks for taking the time out and having a chat with Forte magazine! Where in the world are you right now?
Right this second we are in Manchester, basking in the sunshine waiting to go to the 2000 Trees festival on Saturday.
How has the tour been going?
The tour has been going fantastically. It’s a new aspect of being in a band for us, in terms of unfamiliar crowds, playing early in the afternoon (as apposed to late at night), and in general meeting new people and becoming accustom to playing in different scenarios. Thus far it’s been really insightful and enjoyable, and the fact we get to see bands that we wouldn’t normally get the chance to go watch is great. For example we saw the Libertines play Hyde Park a few days back.
You’ve been likened to Nirvana a bit, is that a pretty surreal comparison?
To be compared to Nirvana is first and foremost an extremely high accolade, as they are hugely inspirational for people our age and older. To be compared with them is of course surreal, but it won’t influence anything we do in the future, and it hasn’t influenced anything prior to today.
People have said that you and bands like Skaters and Royal Blood are part of a new music revolution. What are your thoughts on that?
Wonderful! In recent years whenever I’ve put the radio on it’s always been riddled with what seems to me as uninspiring music with no conviction or purpose. To hear bands such as Royal Blood on the radio representing the heavier side of music is a breath of fresh air. But we aren’t aware or don’t purposely act in a certain way to be part of this “revolution”, and I’m sure Skaters and Royal Blood don’t either. Which I guess is what makes it genuine and real, and why many fans seem to be loving this new age of music so dearly.
‘Dear Diary’ has received significant airplay here in Australia, is it a pretty awesome feeling having another country on the other side of the world loving your music?
It’s astounding. To think that just a year ago we were cleaning corridors and toilets and now our song is being broadcast thousands of miles away is surreal. We’re extremely grateful for the support we receive, not just from Australia but England, Germany and elsewhere. It really makes what we are doing seem that much more powerful.
What’s been the response to your stuff in your hometown Blackpool, UK?
We’ve had a number of supportive messages from the folk in sunny Blackpool, which is lovely. I wouldn’t say the support there has been greater than Manchester or elsewhere in the country. I think people are too busy riding the donkeys and roller coasters to notice a new band.
Have you played Australia before? Are you excited to be playing Splendour Music Festival?
We have never played Australia before. In fact, Nathan has never been on a plane before, so Australia is going to be interesting to say the least. We’re so excited to be playing Splendour, as well as the shows with Skaters in Melbourne and Sydney. Australia has always been one of those places in the world that I would love to visit, but never knew how or when I would. Coincidentally I am off out to buy my very first suitcase to travel there this afternoon. The anticipation is destroying me.
Have you had any “strange” fans yet?
I hope everyone is strange, strange people make me feel at home.
You’ve already achieved so much, what have you got planned for the future?
I think the short term goals are to record the album and tour the UK in September. Oh and also not to get bitten by anything when in Australia, that what be great.
When&Where: Splendour Music Festival & Corner Hotel, Melbourne – July 26