Daniel Johns receives $470K settlement from News Corp

Daniel Johns receives $470K settlement from News Corp

Daniel Johns is one of the most successful, widely admired and respected artists in Australian music, so it came as somewhat of a shock when last August, News Corps newspaper, The Sunday Telegraph published an article that he had been a prominent guest at a Sydney brothel called The Kastle.

The former Silverchair frontman took News Corp to court last year, and has been awarded $470,000, with the media corporation ordered to cover Johns’ legal costs of up to $300,000, along with a $170,000 payout.

The article itself was as damning as they come, to the point where at the time, the owner of the Kastle, Mistress Scarlett, even made a public statement that Johns had never been there.

The usually very private singer put out a statement of his own shortly thereafter. “This false reporting has been very hurtful, humiliating, and damaging to me and my family. It is disappointing that the newspaper has not acknowledged this and apologised despite assertions from both myself, and a representative of the Kastle, that I simply was not, and have never been, there. In fact, I never even knew of its existence,” Johns wrote.

Last week, The Sunday Telegraph published a retraction along with an apology to Johns, stating ‘The Telegraph accepts he has never been there at any other time. Mr Johns was in the area because he had been visiting a friend who lived in the vicinity of The Kastle. We retract the story and we wish to extend a genuine and public apology to Mr Johns and his family for the error and the harm caused.”

Daniel Johns instagram post that followed, was typically short, sharp and to the point… ‘Now, back to the music’ he wrote.

Support for Johns has since flooded in with ex-wife Natalie Imbruglia even showing her support on his post, despite the two remaining quiet about one another since their split.

We can’t wait to see what he’s cooking up next!

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Now…back to the music

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Written by Matt Wilkinson
Photo by Jordan Munns