Dangerous Curves on winning The Band competition, their EP and an upcoming sexy, funky, dirty rock ‘n’ roll album

Dangerous Curves on winning The Band competition, their EP and an upcoming sexy, funky, dirty rock ‘n’ roll album

2016 was a massive year for local glam rockers Dangerous Curves; playing gigs all over the state, laying down the blue print for an upcoming debut album and winning K Rock’s ‘The Band’ competition, awarding them the chance to play to the masses at last years leg of Run Geelong.

According to Kym, the bands energetic and eccentric front man, winning the competition was a massive moment for the band, especially after competing the year prior as well.

“The first time we weren’t really in it to win it. We more so just wanted to practise stage presence and use the opportunity to play in front of fans that we didn’t have. Last year, we were a lot more concentrated on getting an album out, and that’s still in the works. The top prize sounded really good, an opportunity you don’t want to miss – playing to that many people at Run Geelong and we got in contact with K Rock and the rest is history,” Kym says.

“It [Run Geelong] was different; it was an early one for a Sunday morning. It was a bit of panic trying to get everything in the right spot. We got in there, did our thing for 15 minutes. There were a lot of people kicking around with pricked ears up, it was great. We went on right when the race finished. It was more so just a mass crowd of everyone in their red T-shirts. Everyone was kind of walking in and a few would stop and by the end we had a massive chunk of people stop and watch, we had a few people throwing their babies in the air, it was good fun.”

Dangerous Curves released their debut self-titled EP at the beginning of last year and since has smashed the touring circuit, making crowds all over Victoria fall in love with their energetic 80’s glam metal inspired live shows.

“It’s getting a good buzz, and still is getting good buzz. We are in the middle of doing an album at the moment so we just want to get it out and give the people some fresh tunes. The songs off this upcoming album are going to be killer compared to the EP, let’s just put it that way,” Kym says, referring to their previously released EP, before speaking about the upcoming release, in which he is much more cryptic about the bands direction for the new album.

What we can be told is: “It’s some sexy, funky, dirty rock ‘n’ roll with some good energy about it. It’s good party music.” Sounds good to me.

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Written by Alex Callan