Dandecat provide an escape in time with ‘Kaleidoscope Mind’

Dandecat provide an escape in time with ‘Kaleidoscope Mind’

Dandecat’s sound is a talking point for the band. Self-described as “unlabelled” and “fusion music”, the four-piece band feature powerful riffs, back-beats and vocal layers on their debut EP ‘Kaleidoscope Mind’. Lead singer Bridget Sharp said the EP had been a while in the making for the university friends.

“It’s a really unique feeling having your songs out in the world and have people listen to them,” she says. “I think that’s the most gratifying part. We’re doing this project for the love of writing and music, I don’t see this is a chore.

“It’s a pleasure to be able to write with these guys and perform. It’s an incredible feeling to have this EP out there.”

Dandecat formed after discovering they all admired soul, jazz and hip-hop fusion artist Jordan Rakei and even though their sound differs, they are influenced by his work.

“Our sound has always been accepted for what it is,” guitarist Zac Robertson says. “Melbourne is a place where you can do lots of weird and adventurous stuff and people dig it. I think we have a Radiohead vibes even though we don’t mean too.

“But we all listen to different stuff,” he continues. “We’re very spontaneous with our writing and it’s probably my favourite part of the project. When we first started writing I think we were trying to cram in a lot of stuff we were learning at uni.

“Now we’re more refined and we’re putting stuff in we like.”

The five-track EP is a perfect mix of soft-rock and jazz to make your hips sway. Sharp’s vocals are beautifully teamed with the layering of guitars and keys. Each song brings a different energy showcasing the band member’s diverse tastes. Evoking a range of emotions, ‘Kaleidoscope Mind’ takes you on a journey through the varying stages of relationships with its ultimate climax up to your own interpretation.

Sharp said much of the bands inspiration comes from each other.

“When we get in a room together the creative juices just start flowing,” she says. “It can be a combination of anything – someone might come in with a new riff or Dave our drummer will have a groove or I’ll come in with some vocals.

“The beauty of this project is it’s all very collaborative. We all bounce off one another to form the song.”

Kaleidoscope Mind has been well-received since its release on November 20. Sharpe said the welcome reception has been humbling for the Melbourne-based band.

“Everyone we meet at gigs have been so supportive,” she says. “Obviously you have your nights when you play gigs to two or three people on a Tuesday night. But even those people who come really want to be there and always have smiles on their faces.

“We’ve had so many people express how much they like the sound and how it’s not quite like anything they’ve heard,” she continues. “Everyone’s got a different favourite song which has been awesome because normally people are drawn to one or two.

“That means so much.”

Release: Kaleidoscope Mind is out now.

Written by Kim Price