Dande and The Lion share their top five influences

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Dande and The Lion share their top five influences

Captivating five-piece, Dande and The Lion, have just released their new single “Twilight Highway”, the follow up to their first single “Stardust” released in March.

Together the group have cultivated a track that combines a bold arrangement of expansive electro-pop synths, a catchy chorus, energetic hook, off centre guitar riffs, all-encompassing percussion, andis as instantly infectious as their last making it the ultimate road trip track of the year.

These tracks precede the release of their much-anticipated new EP, recorded and produced by Lachlan Mitchell (The Jezabels).

To celebrate their new track, we sat down with Dande and The Lion who each shared one of their top influences.

Abbey – Tigertown
I always find myself being influenced by the sounds of Tigertown, whether it’s from their synth tones or punchy hooks. They know how to write a great pop song and I seem to always refer back to them when writing or talking about music.

Bianca – PJ Harvey
Because she embodies a unique kind of allure that is dark and mysterious yet relatable and real which I find really inspiring and influential when I’m writing lyrics and music.

Chris – Tame Impala
There’s nothing I love more than the blues rock and psychedelic rock of the late 60s and 70s. Okay, I love heavy metal just as much. Anyway, Kevin Parker is heavily influenced by the psychedelic sounds of that period and it’s the way he chooses to create and record his music that really amazes me.

Tass – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
I’ve been a massive fan of YYYs since a young age and have only noticed recently how heavily my writing style has been influenced by them. I’m a little bit obsessed with Karen O, her vocal choices, her stage presence and lyrics just totally captivates me. How they’ve evolved from their first ‘punkier’ album to their latest more ‘pop-rock’, yet still staying true to their signature sound. I’ve also looked to Nick Zinner’s set up when I first started out and picked out some of my favorite pedals to add to my sound, particularly the RAT pedal. Then there’s the fact that they can make so much sound with just the three of them, it’s insane… I could talk for days about them!

Nick – Faith No More
Faith No More is definitely one of my favourite bands. They were unapologetic, loud, and have some crazy rock and roll antics in their history (both on and off the stage). They have a lot of variety in their catalogue which, at the time, didn’t box them in to a particular style; I like that idea. It could go from pandemonium chaos, to a soft sombre ballad. It didn’t have to be heavy to be menacing and bitter. Nor slow to be sickly sweet. I think that is what I was mostly attracted to; they had this unintentional dark edge to their sound which really drew me in.